A long weekend and 2 Games.


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Hey buffed-community.
This is the official start of my english blog!
What is in here??
1. Story about games
2. Hint to game
3. Conclusion (What was good/bad/should you buy it)

1.Due to the puplic holliday we had on friday our weekend started thursday night with 2 new Games!
One of them was Assassin's Creed and the other one Need For Speed Carbon.

After a short discussion we dessided that we'll have a comp. who finishs Carbon first.
And what can I say?
This game isn't made to play it for a long time

After 5 hours of Canyon, Drift, Sprint and Lap racing decided the game, that our fun has to end NOW!
We where all a bit shocked. We where used to play Most Wanted for DAYS before we got to the last guy.

We spended the next 3 hours with the cops. And guess what...cops are much more fun. After I did a damage of 1kk and destroyed 200 Cop Cars the level jumped from 5 to 7.
I was a bit supprised, when I reallised that SUV can get over 240 MP/H :w00t: .
And that was the end of my car^^

The rest of this Friday was spent in our beds.
When I got up satturday moring I had to reallize that my mate had started with Assassin's Creed already.
After I installed the game I wanted to start. But the game had different plans.
I got to intro and not one stap further!
After I searched the "Assasin's Creep" folder for 30 minutes!!! I found the reason. The game short cut heads to the file that says DirectX 10. But I only have directX 9.0!
Changed this and *
*! game worked!

But in the end there was no big point -.-
Finished this game on sunday -.-

If you want a racing game, go for Most Wanted, or the new Need for Speed!
And you shoudn't buy Assassin's Creed, if you play more then 2 hour per day!

3. Conclusion:
This game is totally different to all other NFS! You race for money and AREAS! The cars are sorted by: "muscle" "excotic" "tuner".
If you win all areas you can challange the boss of this areas!
If you win, he is gone for ever!
That means, if you win against the last boss, there are no opponents any more!
- Too short
- No Police events
- No "Drag" race
- Audi R8 is not avilable
+ New Types of race
+ New cars
+ Good Graphics

I wouldn't buy that game!
It is too in my oppinion and you don't need Cops for the whole game (Bounty, etc...)
Boring Story line!

Assassin's Creed:
This game tells 2 Storys. The more important Story plays in the future. This story is about you, who got kip-napped by "Forschern (forgot the word^^)". They want to get the information in your genes! Ther for you have to enter the old world!
This world is the second story line!
Here you're a Assassin who killy people for ther Creed in the Middle Age!
You visit Citys like Acre or Jerusalem. In this citys you have to do jobs like:
"Save Citizen", "Watch out points", "Assasination", or "Begleitschutz (forgot again^^)".
Through this quests you get new abillitys and equipment!
- No Multiplayer/Online mode
- Unrealistic Jumps
- Too short
- Game stops stupid/funny stuff
-/+ Handling is sometimes very difficuilt
+ New handling
+ Good graphics
+ Good Story
+ Realistic

I would buy this game!
It is fun to play and the story is just awesome! And the game keeps on supprising you! You get more and more information and you start to ask for things instead of just doing it!
And later you also attack your master (with words^^)... I don't wanna tell you everything!

If you want more infos or a guide through one of the games, just let me know in the Comments and you'll get it