CLOSED BETA hat begonnen !!!!


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DING DING es ist soweit --die Closed Beta hat begonnen, im moment werden externe Tester eingeladen die sich über die Beta Seite angemeldet haben, aber nur um rein die Hardware zu testen aber nicht das game selber

Since September the 22nd we’ve been running tests to make sure that Darkfall runs properly on a variety of hardware configurations. Any external people are being selected strictly by their hardware configuration and are selected and let in gradually. Absolutely no other criteria come into play other than hardware. Also, we are not playtesting. If you are selected for this hardware test you will be notified by email to the address associated with your Darkfall community forum account.

Once we've concluded this phase, we will gradually allow more people in based on various other criteria associated with the testing needs. We may not announce the start of every phase. All the testing up to the open beta phase is protected by NDA.

About the Athens Digital Week event, there will be a Darkfall presentation and possibly announcements based on our progress by then. Any information on the ADW site concerning Darfall is currently inaccurate and a placeholder. We're not directly responsible for this content but we've asked for the information to be corrected.

We'll keep you updated on any significant developments.

Thanks for reading.



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