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I wound up doing"gray telescope" quests that tera gold yielded gear I could wear, not knowing what main narrative elements I ended up missing. On the plus side since the"Vanguard Quests" (dailies that return pearls and rubies which may be traded into NPCs to get a reasonably large amount of gold) are level ranged based. At the higher end of the level closing these dailies was comparatively easy for high gains.


One way to avoid this is to not invest as much time killing the abundant number of mobs in a place but to do the quests at the zone, in a concentrated fashion, and continue on the next zone.There are a number of dungeons and several of them have a hard mode for better rewards. The first narrative dungeon, Bastion of Lok, I had inadvertently out leveled. When this happens, you may no longer utilize the instance matching tool.


You're only recourse is to enter as a group or attempt soloing it (finally ). I ended up soloing it at seven or so levels above the recommended level range. It was doable, but the main bosses take a while to clear. Many BAMs ("Enormous Ass Monsters", typically bosses) have ten stacked health bars so it becomes a game of"peeling off the onion", it also meant having some health potions on hand was useful.


Tera includes a PvP system called Battlegrounds (that I could not partake in), initially Kumas Royale tera gold us (Level 20), Iron Battleground (Level 25), Fraywind Canyon (Level 65, Capture Point) and Champions' Skyring (Level 65, 3 vs. 3 Arena). Two more PvP zones will be added post-launch.


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