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hey leutz,
ich weiß net weiter? wie soll ich ab dem skill 360 (naja inzwischen doch schon 366) skillen? geht edas echt nur mit magieerfüllten netherstoffroben und tuniken? ich meine die mats sind extrem hoch....
Tailoring 300 to 375 Guide by Highlander on EU-Terenas and Lobotomy on EU-Frostmane

300 - 325
Bolts of Netherweave (6 x Netherweave Cloth each)
(Seriously, your going to need about 430 bolts, so you may as well get the skill up's for it)

325 - 340
Bolts of Imbued Netherweave (3 x Bolts of Netherweave, 2 x Arcane Dust each)
(You'll need at least 90 bolts for later, so that should see you through to 340)

340 - 350
Netherweave Boots (6 x Bolts of Netherweave, 2 x Knothide Leather, 1 x Rune Thread each) x 10

350 - 360
Netherweave Tunic (8 x Bolts of Netherweave, 2 x Rune Thread each) x 10

360 - 375
Imbued Netherweave Tunic¹ (6 x Imbued Netherweave Bolts, 2 x Netherweb Spider Silk, 1 x Rune Thread each) x 15

¹Pattern is sold by Arrond in Shadowmoon Valley in limited supply. You need to have Scryers rep to be able to talk to him or be neutral with both Scryers and Aldors, but they are not BoP, so if your aligned with the Aldors, get someone else to buy them for you.

N.B. If your an enchanter, disenchant all the Netherweave Robes and Tunics for Arcane Dust. If your not, get a friend or guild mate who is to do it for you. This will save you some money on Arcane Dust. Thanks to Chiyochan on EU-Bladefist for pointing this out :o)

Approximate Materials Required

2460 x Netherweave Cloth
180 x Arcane Dust
35 x Netherweb Spider silk
35 x Rune Thread
20 x Knothide Leather
jup geht nur so..hab zumindest noch keine andere,billigere alternative gefunden^^
aba so schlimm is das doch auch nicht,kla is teuer aba die mats droopen ja fast überall in innis und da man da eh wegen ruf hin muss....