(EU) LFM PVE Guild "Starseed" (A) - Vanilla Release Summer 2019

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Hello Vanilla Fanboys and special hello to the Vanilla Fangirls,

We are Starseed!

With Vanilla Release Day We will establish a stable raiding Guild on the Server of our Choice. The Focus will be on building up an experienced, international, and teamfocused Pool of Social Players.
Beside the Progress of Raidcontent we will Organize Guildruns for Pre-Raid BIS -Farming, Exchange Mats, Tradegoods and Items , Level together to 60, and do some bloody World PvP while Hanging Out in Voicechat.
We will Raid on 2 Days per Week
in an adult and open Atmosphere.
The Server will be PvP.
Faction will be Alliance
(It is NOT our Plan to become Top 100!)


The Idea of establishing STARSEED Came right accross with the Announcement at Blizzcon.
We are Real-Life Friends from Germany/Sweden
who Share the Passion for World of Warcraft since 2005 and played @#$%loads of Hours and Days.
The Experience of Leading Guilds and Raids Came Over the Years of play and grew with Expansion to Expansion.
I have previous raidleading experience from the original WoW on frostwolf DE, Nazjatar DE, Kazzak EU and private Vanilla Server.
We have Mobilized our Friends and old Guildmembers to join us in Summer 2019 and NOW we want to Mobilize u!


We dont want to recruit Players who are toxic and hectic (ogogogogo, lulroflnoob,) have prejeduces about viability of Hybrid Classes, think Raid is possible without Voicechat (TS/Discord) or believe the Earth is Flat...

WE WANT to recruit Players with XP, Teamskills, Stamina, Humor, Motivation and Most Important , Have Joy Playing Vanilla.

(Well...Retribution...thats not a prejeduce, is it?)

We also want People who take Responsibility in Addition.

-Officers & Raidlead Assist

When you are Interested please leave a comment AND write us an Email

---> Starseed.wow@gmail.com

When you want to Flame, Troll or convince us that the Earth is actually Flat you are also very welcome to Email us

---> Starseedsucks@idc.fu


Thank you and See you Soon in Azeroth!
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