Wie man in Lost Ark schnell Reichtumsrunen farmt


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The Wealth Runes in Lost Ark are part of one of the many important endgame systems. They are among the most coveted runes because when used correctly, they can really improve your character.

You'll be forgiven for thinking that runes aren't really all that important since they aren't even mentioned all that much in the beginning of the game.

But runes are really important. You can improve your class and completely change the way you play the game with this class.

Runes go hand in hand with other systems in the game. Speaking of which, here's everything you need to know about engraving.

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Farming Wealth Runes Fast in Lost Ark

Before you jump into the fray to farm Legendary Wealth Runes, there are a few things you need to know.

The first is that legendary runes aren't really worth it. They'll take a lot of time to grind, especially if you're unlucky with drops, and you can only get them through Omnium Stars.

40% identity per skill hit sounds really good, but in practice it's not very different from the 30% or 20% runes.

Also, the epic rune is much easier to get since it drops from a boss fight. With a few tries, you can easily get your hands on it.

Here you can find every rarity of wealth runes:

Uncommon – Fortress Trader Tuleu – Cost: Adventurer's Seal x1,420
Uncommon – Tooki Island – Tooki King loot
Rare - Fortress Trader Tuleu - Cost: Seal of the Adventurer x2,700
Rare - Giant Heart x5
Epic - Secret Map x34
Epic - Iar Kaya world boss drop
Legendary - Omnium Stars x5
Since the uncommon and rare runes are the easiest to get, you should focus on getting them first.

After that, you can see if your class REALLY needs more identity in combat or not. If not, it's perfectly fine to stay on Rare/Epic until later in the game.

The second thing you need to know is that the meaning of wealth runes depends on how deep you are in the late game.

So if you just finished the campaign and want to level up your character, you'd better start somewhere else.