Beta 5: Patch Notes 1/24/11


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=== FEATURED ===
* Public Groups are now in! See below under PUBLIC GROUPS for details.
* Discovery system is in progress! See under DISCOVERY for more details.
* Added a Currency panel to the character sheet that replaces currency tokens previously taking up inventory space.
* Updates to tab targeting system below under TARGETING.
* Added a toggled PvP Auto Flag option to help with accidental flagging. See under PVP AUTO-FLAGGING.
* The Raid Manager and Raidframes now colorize player names based on Role, instead of Calling.
* Apothecary crafting skill has gotten a complete makeover! See below under CRAFTING for details.
* Rogues now regenerate Energy during the global cooldown. Using abilities will no longer pause energy regeneration. Energy Regeneration rate is now consistent at 20/second.

* Completing Artifact collections now awards Lucky Coins. Turn these in to Artifact Collectors in Sanctum and Meridian for new rewards!
* Many meta-collections now have unique rewards!
* Pets now keep their custom names after you increase the rank of the ability that summons them.
* Nameplates for companion pets now say '(Yourname)'s Companion'. These are 50% smaller than regular nameplates.
* Added additional filtering for pet names.
* Players can no longer hide from /target with a cleverly named pet.
* Failed area quests (such as zone events) can now be abandoned from the quest log, and are also auto-removed from the log when the player logs out.
* Quests that remove their quest items when deleted or abandoned now also check your bank.
* Questgivers should not have icons over their heads when they are dead or in combat.
* Guild quests now added for guild levels 11-20.
* Rest experience is only gained in friendly hubs.
* If a teleport fails, you now get a message indicating it didn't work.
* Random name generator should now spit out a wider variety of names.
* You can no longer equip or unequip items while dead.
* Corpse tooltips no longer show 'level 0'.
* Minimum character name length has been set to 2 characters.
* You will now be disconnected if you are AFK at the character selection screen for 1 hour.

* A new 'Join Public Group' button will appear on-screen when fighting an event (Rift, Invasion, etc.) with someone willing to group.
* You can toggle your availability for public groups by right-clicking your character portrait. Your setting will persist through logout.
* Group or Raid leaders gain an option in their character's context menu that sets whether the group/raid is Public or Private. This option is not available in Warfronts. Changing this setting sends a message to current group/raid members with the updated status.
* If a targeted player is available for public grouping, there will be a button above their portrait. Mousing over the button will show current grouping information and click the button to join them.
* If a group is full, you will see the same button with an appropriate X mark across it.
* If you are a group/raid leader and your group will fit, clicking the button to join someone's public group will disband your group/raid and act as though all members just joined the selected person's.
* If your group/raid won't fit in the selected person's open slots, you get an error message.
* Destination groups will convert to raids as needed.

* We now call out in Say and Guild chat channels when the following occurs on a server:
- The first time an Elite or special loot-dropping NPC is killed,
- The first time a Rare or higher Item is looted,
- The first time a specific Quest has been completed,
- The first time a particular Achievement is earned,
- The first time an individual Collection is turned in,
- Including the person who did it.
* Additional milestones that are called out in Say chat only:
- Server-first for items of less than Rare quality.
- Server-first kills for general NPCs.
* Some special server-firsts may even be broadcast to everyone!
* This system doesn't give retroactive credit - so everything is going to be considered 'new' on Beta for this.

* Tab Target ordering is now based on a cone in front of the character first, then everything else.
* Tab order is reset if you select a target with the mouse, or a target is selected for you (aggro).
* Target selection distances now use a more sensitive calculation based on the closest 'edge' of a potential target, rather than a centerpoint.
* Pressing tab during combat will no longer select "Yellow" mobs.
* Enemy Players will only be included in Tab targeting if that player is currently attackable.
* Tab will now only allow one target change per keypress, instead of zooming through different targets if held down.

* Added a PvP Auto Flagging option that defaults to ON - turn this off to restrict auto flagging of any kind. Keep in mind that, while disabled, you cannot take any PvP action until you flag yourself - so be careful around enemy guards! While this is disabled:
- AoE cast by non-flagged players will not damage a flagged player.
- Pets of non-flagged players should not be able to attack flagged players or their pets.
- You will not be able to fight back against a flagged NPC (Guards) until you flag yourself.
- Moving into an area that *should* flag you for PvP - such as Warfronts - will still flag you.
- You should not be able to heal a PvP flagged player.
- You should still be able to buff a PvP flagged NPC if they are out of combat and have no players on their aggro list.
* Turning on auto-attack will no longer flag you for PvP if you are too far away to actually hit your target.

* Implemented a new character sheet layout. It's shiny!
* New character sheet includes a Planar Focus UI, so you no longer need to shift-right click your Focus to see what you have equipped.
* Two additional stats are now displayed on the Character sheet. Valor affects damage received from other players - the more you have, the less damage you take. Toughness is a high-level tanking stat that mitigates critical damage from NPCs.
* Pet stat displays only have Valor.

* Added a Currency panel to the character sheet.
* All tokens that were converted to currency type items will be auto-converted on login.
* Motes of Sourcestone are now referred to in-game as Planarite. Sourcestone items will no longer drop, and existing Sourcestone in your bank or inventory will be converted into Planarite.
* All future currency obtained will automatically go to the Currency tab instead of taking up inventory space.
* All Sourcestone-bought items have had their costs converted to appropriate Planarite costs, and Rift events now drop Planarite in appropriate amounts.
* Updated Sourcestone collecting Achievements to reference Planarite instead.

* All loot rolls go to Party chat if you are partied, and Raid chat if raided.
* When in a party or raid, you will only see loot roll results if you participated in the roll.
* Roll results are no longer displayed as system messages.
* /roll no longer displays the channel name to make it more visually distinct from chat messages on the same channel.
* We now display the items in the loot window that are being rolled on for group loot. If everyone passes and the item is still there after rolling, you can click on it to loot it.
* Fixed an issue with area quest loot not being rewarded when your inventory was full, and then disappearing.
* Fixed another pesky loot-sparkling corpse bug where there wasn't actually loot to obtain.

* Mail with attached items now bounces back to the sender when it expires.
* Adjusted mail expiration: 7 days for CoD mail, 30 days for regular mail, and 90 days for returned mail.
* Increased mailbox size limits.
* We have temporarily disabled the ability to send COD mail until a technical issue is resolved.

* Experience and money rewards have been removed from zone-wide event completions. Other event rewards remain.
* The amount of health granted to Rift NPCs when there is high population in the area has gained some additional granularity and smarts when it comes to actually affecting the NPCs.
* Non-event based Wardstones no longer regenerate health.
* Defiant Invasions should now scare the more timid Guardian hub NPCs.
* And Guardian Invasions should scare the more timid Defiant hub NPCs.
* Invasions summoned by player flares will now despawn 60 seconds after winning or losing regardless of their combat state. This solves a bug where these Invaders were getting stuck hanging out in the world.
* Each Wardstone or Idol can only be attacked by a player spawned invasion once every 2 minutes.
* Invasions which succeed will now despawn after 10 minutes, or 3 minutes if left out of combat.
* Invasions will place ‘Invader’s Barrier’ on any Idol they spawn, preventing all damage to it for the next 10 minutes or until that invader is defeated.
* Invasions no longer aggro as a group and can be split.
* If an Invasion general is despawned, rather than killed, it will not count as a 'kill' for rewards or quests. Same with Footholds and despawning versus defeating them.
* The large Rift Invaders - colossi - should be more visible from a distance.
* Wandering mobs should no longer wander on top of upgraded wardstones.
* Enemy footholds now show on the map.
* Foothold NPCs have their leashing length increased, preventing players from attacking an idol outside of the effective range of its defenders.

* Guild charters now cost 1 platinum.
* Group inviting someone from the Guild Roster should be more reliable about inviting the selected person.

* Rogues: Rogues now regenerate Energy during the global cooldown. Using abilities will no longer pause energy regeneration. Energy Regeneration rate is now consistent at 20/second.
* Melee crits now increase damage by 150% instead of 200%, to match the crit bonus of Spell crits.
* Abilities that are queued before combat starts will no longer be silently dropped.
* Spamming ability buttons will no longer result in 'phantom queues' if you have your ability queue set to 'Short'.

* Warriors: Cleave abilities now have a proper forward cone, and no longer hit targets behind the Warrior.
* Warriors: Auras are now set to not remove when zoning.
* Warriors: Power cost on Reactives has been reduced to 10.
* Warriors: Enraged Essence and Enraged Companion now share a stacking group and cannot be used at the same time.
* Warriors, Rogues: All Area of Effect attacks have caps on how many targets they can hit. This value is based on specific abilities and when they are unlocked.
* Rogues: Energy cost of Rogue abilities have been increased in general due to the energy regeneration change.
* Rogues: Energy cost reduction for Finishers has been reduced to 50%, down from 100% reduction.
* Rogues: Abilities that are crowd control and will break on damage will no longer trigger poison procs. Ex: Marksman's Static Shot.
* Clerics: Cleric trainers should now properly display previous ranks of an ability as required to purchase further ranks.
* It should no longer be possible for anyone but the person who triggered the Corrupted Soul mob to tag them for Soul quest credit.

* Martyr's Solace: Now increases the absorption amount of Consuming Flames by 2% of the caster's max health, per point spent.
* Updated icon for Earthen Barrage.

* Fixed a bug to make mobs unable to block/parry/dodge when they are stunned by Foul Play or Paralyzing Strike.
* Applying poison buffs no longer breaks stealth.
* Slip Away: Now causes the enemy to deselect the Assassin.
* Baneful Touch: Increases the damage of your Poison-coated weapons by 50%, up from 30%. Duration increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for a 5-point finisher.
* Leeching Poison: When the poison triggers, it no longer returns Energy to the Assassin. Instead, it heals them for a small amount of health.
* Expose Weakness: Range increased to 20 meters, now costs 20 Energy.
* Subterfuge: Now also increases the damage of Assassinate, Paralyzing Strike, and Jagged Strike by 10/20%.

* Fixed a bug where Motif of Focus was being replaced by Motif of Grandeur.
* Motif of Encouragement: Now returns 30 energy to Rogues and 30 Power to Warriors over 15 seconds, down from 50 each.

* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Beastmaster have received a free Soul respec.
* Tenacious Strike and Primal Senses: These abilities have traded places in the Soul tree.
* Pack Mentality: Now increases max Health instead of Armor, and is a 3 point ability instead of 5.
* Agile Footwork: Now a 5 point ability instead of 3.
* Beast Whisperer: Renamed to Calming Influence, and moved to a 44 point root unlock. Can now put an enemy to sleep.
* Backhanded Blow: Moved to a tier 2 branch ability. Now triggers when you miss.

* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Bladedancer have received a free respec.
* New Ability - Turn the Tide: Whenever you parry or dodge an attack, you deal 5-15% more damage for the next 10 seconds.
* Deadly Dance: Moved from a tier 2 branch ability to tier 3. Now increases the damage of your next two Combo Point generating abilities by 2-6% per point.
* Blade Finesse: Functionality has been changed. Now increases the damage of your auto attacks by 4-20%. Now available as a tier 2 branch ability.
* Combat Efficiency: Changed. Your finishers give 1-3 energy per combo point. Reduced from a 5 point ability to a 3 point ability.
* Blade Hustle: Now increases the duration of your Rhythmic actions by 2-6 seconds, up from 1-3.
* Blade & Soul: Adds another 20% critical hit chance while the buff is active.

* The Cabalist has been significantly revamped. The new unique mechanic involves Lurking Decay and a new version of Sigils. Lurking Decay is built up on the Cabalist by channeling the new Decay spell - once built, it can be dumped all at once on a target using Obliterate, or spent individually using the GTAE DD, Tyranny.
* Sigils are now insta-cast (off global cooldown) self-buffs that may be consumed for various secondary effects on Obliterate and Tyranny. Ex: Sigil of Woe allows you to either purge 3 buffs from a single target using Obliterate, or purge 1 buff from many with Tyranny.
* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Cabalist will receive a free respec.
* Shadow's Touch: Now acts as a direct damage spell that distributes an increasingly reduced portion of its damage to up to three enemies. Now has a 2 second casting time.
* Sigil of Lurking Decay: Removed.
* Distorted Shadows: Now a two point root unlock.
* Bound Fate: Now a four point root unlock. Now has an 8 second cooldown.
* Decay: Now a 6 point root unlock. This 3 second channeled DD grants the Cabalist a stack of Lurking Decay for each second it's maintained. Luring Decay, when consumed, deals damage to up to 3 enemies. Uninterruptible.
* Obliterate: Now a 6 point root unlock. Single target insta-cast DD on a 45 second cooldown that consumes all Lurking Decays and the Cabalist's Sigil. Cannot be cast with no Lurking Decays or Sigils up. Doubles Lurking Decay damage.
* Sigil of Power: Now an 8 point root unlock. Restores mana to the Cabalist for each enemy hit, or Lurking Decay consumed, whichever is greater. 2 minute cooldown.
* Tyranny of Death: Removed.
* Tyranny: Now a 10 point root unlock. Instant-cast GTAE DD that hits up to 7 enemies and consumes 1 Lurking Decay, and the Cabalist's Sigil. Cannot be cast with no Lurking Decays or Sigils up.
* Grasping Waters: Now a 12 point root unlock.
* Howling Death: Now a 14 point root unlock. Buff blocks the next Silence or Interrupt effect used against the ally. Lasts 2 minutes and has a 2 minute cooldown.
* Devouring Mist: Removed.
* Sigil of Binding: Now a 16 point root unlock. Snares each enemy hit for 5 seconds.
* Dark Passage: Now an 18 point root unlock. Teleports the Cabalist to a random location 10 to 15 meters away, facing the starting location. 20 second cooldown.
* Engulfing Shadows: Now lasts 20 secods, pulses every 2 seconds, with a 1 minute cooldown.
* Reversal of Fortune: Now a 26 point root unlock.
* Binding Waters: Removed.
* Sigil of Woe: Now a 32 point root unlock. Removes 1 buff from each enemy hit for each Lurking Decay consumed. 30 second cooldown.
* Reaper's Breath: Removed.
* Sigil of Secrecy: Now a 38 point root unlock. Silences each enemy hit for 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
* Sigil of Ruin: Now a 44 point root unlock. Stuns each enemy hit for 2 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
* Reign of Despair: Removed.
* Sign of Asias: 51 point root unlock. Reduces the cost of all of the player's spells to 0, and prevents Sigils and Lurking Decay from being removed when consumed. 2 minute cooldown.
* Dark Omen: Now increases the damage of Shadow's Touch to additional enemies by 4-20%.
* Strike of Genius: Now a tier 1 branch ability. Increases Spell Power by 1-5%.
* Debt of the Dead: Removed.
* Death's Grasp: Now a tier 2 branch ability.
* Entropy: Now increases the damage of channeled and damage over time spells by 1-5%.
* Dark Water: Now a tier 3 branch ability. Made into a 1.5 second casting time DD + DoT.
* Explosive Energies: Now increases the damage of AoEs by 1-5% and reduces the threat from damaging spells by 2-10%.
* Frostburn: Removed.
* Broad Strokes: Now a tier 3 branch ability. Increases the radius of damaging AoEs by 1-3 meters.
* Frigid Waters: Removed.
* Leviathan's Mark: Now a tier 4 branch ability. Reduces the cooldown of all Sigils by 6-30 seconds.
* Curse of Solitude: Now insta-cast.
* Affinity for Death: Now a tier 4 branch ability. Reduces the cooldown of Obliterate by 5-15 seconds.
* Death's Dominion: Now a tier 5 branch ability. Increases the damage of Decay by 2-10%.
* Nebulous Haze: Now increases the enemy's casting time by 30%. Cannot be cast on bosses.
* Sigil of Ravaging: Heals the Cabalist for 100% of the damage done by Lurking Decay. 2 minute cooldown.
* Undertow: Increased Snare duration to 8 seconds.

* Titan's Strike: Changed to add a 1 minute cooldown, and the stun now scales based on number of attack points used.
* Follow Through: Affects Bladefury and Cornered Beast as well as Mighty Blow.

* Soul Tether: Will no longer resurrect allies that are dead at the time the ability is cast.
* Corrosion and Wild Growth no longer prevent Charge from being gained while they are active.

* Priest's Lament, Transference, and Void Shroud: Now instant cast.
* Updated icon for Split Personality.

* All Druid pets can now enter water.
* Crag Hammer: Now works properly with AoEs.
* Shield of Oak: No longer shares a cooldown with Shield of the Ancestors (Purifier) and Glacial Shield (Shaman).
* Boundless Growth: Properly updates the tooltip on Eruption of Life.

* Synergize will no longer give you the message that you have just learned the ability each time you log in.

* Fanaticism: Now shows the correct icon in the Soul Tree.
* Shroud of Agony: Now specifies the total duration of the buff in the tooltip.
* Unholy Tutelage: Now properly reduces mana costs, instead of casting time.
* Circle of Oblivion: Now only hits 7 targets.
* Armor of Treachery: Reduced armor bonus.

* Righteous Mandate: No longer stackable.

* Hit and Run: Should now reset the cooldown of Empowered Shot.
* Duration of Rapid Fire Shot has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for a 5 point finisher.
* Master Archer: Changed. Now your ranged weapon attacks now have a 5-25% chance of dealing Air damage based on your weapon's damage.

* Updated icons for Summon Skeletal Horror, Summon Skeletal Zealot, and Corpse Explosion.

* Applying weapon enchantment buffs no longer breaks stealth.
* Lingering Flame: Now awards 1 Combo Point as a result of triggering Fiery Spike, when Blazing Strike or Flame Thrust is used.
* Blazing Fury: Functionality changed. It now increases the damage of all combo point generating abilities by 3-15%.
* Unstable State, Heat Retention: Now increases the damage of non-physical attacks instead of just Fire and Death attacks.

* Touch of Life: No longer on global cooldown, now has a cooldown of 10 minutes. However, it can no longer target other players, and is self-only.
* Life's Rapture: No longer on global cooldown, now has a cooldown of 10 minutes. Now an instant cast heal to raid members and gives a 10% damage reduction for the duration of the heal.

* Fixed an issue where Weapon Master was showing incorrect percentages in the Soul window. The ability was working, but now the tooltips are too!

* Searing Transfusion: Can now target the caster.
* Shield of the Ancestors: No longer shares a cooldown with Shield of Oak (Druid) and Glacial Shield (Shaman).
* Flames of the Phoenix: Removed cooldown.
* Latent Blaze: This debuff is no longer cleansable.
* Fiery Blessing: Now insta-cast, on a 1 minute 30 second cooldown, with a duration of 1 minute.
* Life's Blessing: Properly updates the tooltips on Healing Blessing, Caregiver's Blessing, and Fiery Blessing.

* Bestial Fury: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for a 5 point finisher.

* Plague Bringer: Reaver tanks everywhere rejoice; this has been removed from global cooldown.
* Soul Devour: Increased to 150%.
* Blood Fever and Flesh Rot are now Death based.
* Flesh Rot: Damage increased slightly.
* Creeping Death: Damage slightly increased, now triggers Soul Feast and Soul Devour. Also snares targets.

* Fiery Burst: Now a 4 second DoT, rather than 6, so it should be less likely to overwrite itself when used in rotation.
* Riftstorm: Cooldown lowered to 3 minutes, damage increased slightly.

* Annihilate: Duration of the buff has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for a 5 point finisher.
* Shadow Assault: The attack power contribution of the damage has been increased to 150%. The ability's base damage has been reduced to compensate for the increased scaling gains from attack power.
* Cautious Stalker and Hardened Stalker: Abilities removed.
* New Branch Ability - Rift Barrier: Adds an absorption shield that lasts 15 seconds after Plane Shifting. This shield absorbs 5-25% of all incoming physical damage for up to 10-50% of your max health. This shield does not stack with Rift Guard and will not be applied if Rift Guard is active.
* New Branch Ability - Improved Rift Barrier: Allows Rift Barrier to absorb all types of damage.
* Rift Guard: Now stacks with all other absorption shields (ex: Purifier's Ward of the Ancestors), except Rift Barrier.

* Fragmentation Bomb: Is now a 2 point root unlock.
* Blast Charge and Detonate are now 0 point root unlocks, gained when equipping the Saboteur soul.

* Luminous Gaze: Now causes aggro on initial application.
* Protect the Flock: Now works properly with appropriate spells.
* Righteous Burden: This snare no longer stacks with other snares.
* Serendipity: No longer consumed by abilities it does not benefit.

* Courage buffs: Now properly displays the melee compensation buff separately.
* Glacial Shield: No longer shares a cooldown with Shield of the Ancestors (Purifier) or Shield of Oak (Druid).
* Vengeance of the Primal North: Now hits 3 targets and has a 2 minute cooldown. Also no longer causes visual effect insanity.
* Strike of the Maelstrom: Now hits 6 targets, and timing properly matches the animation.
* Vengeance of the Winter Storm: Not so vengeful with the visual and sound effect spam.

* Overload: Reduced duration to 8 seconds, down from 10. Added a purple wings visual - wings are bad, run away or purge!

* Healing Cataract: Rank 2 no longer requires additional points spent to be purchased.
* Ripple: Now functions as a 6 second buff that causes your single target, water-based heal over time spells to spread to nearby party/raid members. Off of global cooldown.
* Diona's Gift: Now increases the healing bonus of Tidal Surge by 10-30%.
* Still Waters: Properly updates the tooltip on Deluge.

* Call to Aid: Now increases heals 5% per attack point used, instead of 3%.
* Call to Arms: Now increases damage 3% per attack point used, instead of 2%.
* Call to Focus Fire: Now increases spell damage by 3% per attack point, instead of 2%.

* The Raid Manager and Raidframes now colorize player names based on Role, instead of Calling.
* Role colors are determined by highest Soul specs and include Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, and Support. Tanks are red, melee dps are yellow, ranged dps are orange, healers are blue, and support is purple.
* Group or Raid leaders can now shift-right click on a person and mark them from the Mark menu.
* Raid leaders or officers can now kick people from any group, not just their own.
* Kicking a member from the raid who had their status set to AFK, Disconnected, etc., will no longer show the status in the empty raid slot.
* When being resurrected in a full dungeon you will properly appear at the healer now, instead of at your corpse.
* You can no longer soul walk into an instance if your party is currently in combat.
* Target portraits and target-of-target healthbars will no longer turn grey if a player in your raid, but not your group, tags the target first.
* Rewards for instance quests should now properly award, even if you log out and back in before claiming them.
* Players will no longer be kicked out of instances when the reset time hits; instead, you will be unlocked from that instance, but remain inside.
* Added Soul Beacon teleporters to several dungeons to shorten some of the longest run-backs. Feedback appreciated!
- Realm of the Fae (Standard): Unlocked by killing Luggodhan.
- Darkening Deeps (Standard): Activated after killing Tenegar.

* Standard: Reduced the health and healing output of Gatekeeper Kaleida's Earth Crystals.
* Standard: Significantly increased the damage from Gatekeeper Kaleida's Fire Crystals.


* You should no longer hear Alsbeth in 'A Better Methodology' (Warden's Point) if you are not close to her.
* Keepers of the Flame: Added a note to the net item to indicate it can only catch a single squirrel at a time. Reduced number of targets required for this quest to 10.
* The Freemarch Rift, Visions of Death, will no longer create Life-based Invasion forces. They were confused.
* Added mailboxes in Ark of the Ascended and Kelari Refuge.

* Updated loot drops for Major and Minor Rift events.
* Answers of the Dead: Quest has been improved. Summoned quest targets are now tagged to the summoner to prevent kill stealing. Drop rate of Potent Essences increased to 100%. Respawn rate of spirits has been increased.
* Nuha the Wolf: Reduced respawn time of quest targets, removed scripting that was slowing down respawns of the targets.
* Into the Nest: Reduced respawn time of quest targets.

* The upper floors of Sanctum are now better guarded, so those machine-born cannot hang out unmolested.

* Changed the name of the Fae Rift Well minimap icon to Realm of the Fae, as it seemed to cause confusion.
* Reduced Overwatch Keep population density.
* Remembrance of Things Past: Reduced quest objective count.

* Updated population and respawn in early Stonefield areas.
* Added mailboxes to Camp Fergos.
* Quarrying the Quarry: Magmite should spawn in a larger radius, be larger in size, and available for more time when spawned.
* The Weight of Commodity: Increased the size of mushrooms so they can be seen through grass/groundclutter/badgers.
* A Kind of Magnetism: Fixed an issue causing this quest to get into a broken state.

* Frederic the Betrayer should now always despawn when not in combat.

* Achievements for PvP kills in specified zones now update properly.
* PvP Souls are now only purchasable by the Calling that can use them.

* When a Warfront invitation pops, you remain actively in queues for other Warfronts until the current invitation is accepted or declined. Declining the invitation does not remove you from other queues.
* Warfronts now prefer to place pre-made groups against each other when parties are queued on both sides.
* Warfront Master NPCs have acquired better representation and no longer have to share the Merchant minimap icon - they get their own!
* The Black Garden: Fang of Regulos visual effects should show up consistently.
* The Black Garden: The Fang of Regulos now spawns 25 seconds after the match has started, in order to give both teams a chance to get to the location and fight over it.
* The Black Garden: Fixed a minor gap in one of the walls.
* The Black Garden: Players entering the enemy base will now be teleported out of it.

* Achievements: Removed the number indicating how many of your other characters have completed the achievement. Instead the rollover shows the character that most recently completed it.
* Achievements: You should be able to see achievements for the opposite faction that have been completed by other characters, if you have the show-all checkbox selected.
* Achievement window now defaults to showing only your current character's achievement progress unless otherwise selected.
* Reordered Rift achievements in the UI window.

* You may now select which portion of the armor (primary or secondary) dye pots will affect.
* Secondary dyes should work with a majority of armors.
* You cannot tint weapons with dyes.
* Fixed several bugs with dye pots, including broken usables or missing re-sale values.
* Looting an item that offers a quest now alerts you with an on-screen message.
* Right-clicking on items which offer quests you've already accepted will now give a more descriptive error message.
* Made Artifact tooltips more clear about which ones you already have or still need.
* Removed potion vendors above level 25, as we no longer sell potions at these levels.
* When equipping Essences into a Planar Focus, and the only open slots are Greater Essence slots, a Lesser Essence will attempt to go into the empty Greater slot rather than overwriting one of the already equipped Lessers.
* Removed the level requirements from items sold by Rare Planar Goods merchants in Freemarch and Silverwood. Also increased the stats on these items to make them more desirable.
* Fixed Auction House understanding of Swords as sharp pointy items that do not include Staves, Maces, or Polearms.

* Updated notoriety requirements for Rift Faction recipes. You must now be at least Friendly with the faction in order to purchase your first recipe.
* The Tradeskill vendors now accept the correct currency.
* Fixed a problem with salvaging Accessories.
* You now get dismounted correctly when Runebreaking or Salvaging items.
* Item tooltips now correctly display Salvaging requirements.
* Certain Chain and Plate items no longer Salvage for more resources than were used to craft them.
* Fixed a number of gaps in Runecrafting skill progression. You should always have one orange recipe available through the trainer.
* Runebreaking a stack of items no longer consumes the entire stack.
* Runecrafting materials now stack to 50.
* Skills no longer show an 'increase' to the level they were already at.
* Right-clicking the crafting station to open the crafting window now works with large crafting stations.
* Corrected the names of some recipe scrolls.
* Changed the icon for Tattered Wolf Pelt so it no longer looks just like Soft Leather.

* Several ranks of Mana Potions, Healing Potions, Healing Tonics, and Mana Tonics have been removed.
* All other potions have been either removed, or replaced with revised versions or new potion types.
* Flasks have been replaced by Vials.
* New potions include: Serums, new Philters, Brews, Elixirs, Bottles, Warding Potions, Concoctions, etc.
* All potions have had their power and level requirements adjusted. There are now fewer ranks of potions covering wider ranges of power, and more lenient use-level requirements.
* Recipe Changes: If you were an Apothecary, your recipe list has been updated. Old recipes have been removed and when applicable, replaced with a new recipe. All new recipes are available from the Apothecary trainer. Previously gained dropped/faction/artisan recipes have, unfortunately, been lost.
* All Apothecary daily quests have been updated to require the new crafted items. In some cases, daily quests have lowered minimum skill requirements to match new recipe spreads.
* All notoriety vendors have been updated to sell new recipe scrolls.
* The Artisan store now offers a wider variety of Rare and Epic potions and vials.
* Planar Faction vendors in Meridian and Sanctum now offer new recipe scrolls for sale. These merchants offer planar Warding Potions and Resistance Vials.
* There is a new water-based plant called Krakenweed which can be found in Scarlet Gorge, Stonefield, Freemarch, and Gloamwood. This plant is used in a future recipe addition.

* Antialiasing is now an option under Advanced Video Settings. This reduces the 'jaggies' along the outlines of objects by using an edge-smoothing technique.
* 2x and 4x Antialising options are also available. These generate higher quality antialiasing results at the a VERY LARGE expense of framerate. If your video card is already operating at max, this feature can cost you 50 to 75% of your FPS.
* Added separate options to Advanced setting list for environment and character shadows. Disabling character shadows should improve performance significantly in high population situations.
* Added an option in the Interface Camera Settings to disable camera shake.
* Screen effects while Soul Walking are now more 'blown out', for additional ghostliness.
* Improved the appearance of 'hardness' in player armor.
* Improved draw distance and far vistas for all players.
* Better blending of Invasion ground-creep effects.
* Oceans look better, blending off into the distance - less seams involved.
* Improved ocean appearance and swimming effects for low quality renderer.
* Abilities that break free of roots now animate properly.
* While swimming, players' weapons will remain sheathed unless actively using them for battle.
* Teleporting as polymorph effects wear off will no longer result in horrifying hybrid creatures that make questionable sounds.
* Fixed another bug where female characters who changed equipment while polymorphed could end up with male body parts later. Nothing to see here, move along...
* Fixed a bug where weapons would sometimes disappear after a polymorph.
* Bard lute sounds just got a lot more subtle for the people around the Bard.
* Some voice tweaks to better match in-game characters with their voices.
* Bows and Guns have new sounds for their abilities!
* Zone event victory audio should play more reliably.
* Resolved an issue causing some terrain and object distance settings to not take effect until you have moved a certain distance. This improves the view of objects at the horizon that sometimes did not appear.
* Fixed a bug that usually coincided with leaving a warfront, and caused characters to not be seen as 'moving' by either other players or the server. Even though they were moving on their own screen.

* /lfg now joins you to the Looking for Group chat channel.
* New players no longer auto-join General or LFG. Existing players will be removed from General and LFG first time they login after this change.
* Abilities will now trigger when you push a hotkey instead of on release. This is an option that can be changed under settings.
* F6 should always target the nearest enemy. F7 should always target the nearest friendly, excluding yourself. Added two new keybinds for these.
* Modifier keys in macros work with keybindings now; if you have a macro in button slot 1, and don't have ctrl-1 bound to anything, then using the [ctrl] modifier will now work with button 1, and so on.
* The macro system is now aware of the ability queue system, so the former can't trick the latter into casting more than one ability in the same macro anymore.
* The /cancelbuff command can now be used to remove buffs applied by items.
* Fixed /who not bringing up a results window properly.
* /camp [charactername] will now log you out and attempt to log in a character on the same shard with the indicated name.
* Fixed default Pet Bar keybinds so they start with Attack bound to ctrl-0.
* Added two slash commands to dump useful stuff to XML files for large guilds:
- /dumpguild <filename> - Dumps the Guild Roster to the given XML file (defaults to Guild.xml in the Rift directory).
- /dumpraid <filename> - Dumps the Raid member list to the given XML file (defaults to Raid.xml in the Rift directory).
* You can no longer /ignore yourself. Sorry!

* There are now individual keybinds listed for all action bars, including pet and bag bars, in the Keyinds list. These work to set keybinds the same way as mousing over the intended slot on screen, in an effort to reduce confusion over how to set them. You can still set keybinds by mouseover.
* Added a keybindable hotkey (default: printscreen) for taking screenshots. Screenshots are saved to the appropriately named 'screenshots' folder.
* Improved buff bars in the raidframe to display debuff types properly.
* An option has been added under Combat settings to show only your debuffs on the target frame. This is on by default.
* Added a chat filter for 'purchases' that can be directed to any desired chat window.
* Added an option to display status text (health current out of max, %) on the target of target window.
* Fixed a bug that caused the pet healthbar to not correctly update when summoning a new pet.
* If something you are interacting with enters combat while you are viewing a dialogue window, that window will now close.
* Usable items on your hotbars no longer show red (as in, out of range) to use.
* The Attack (sword) or Cast (glowy hand) mouse cursors now show as greyed out when not moused over a target, or the target is out of range.
* If a quest requires you to kill a type of creature within a specific area or zone (such as Rift repeatable quests), the mob tooltip now indicates that the creature counts if in the proper area.
* The Apply button on the Settings pane is now disabled until you actually make a change.
* Also fixed a Video settings bug that would not clear your changes after hitting Cancel or the close button.
* Fixed a bad cursor alignment when switching to full-screen mode after having hit the maximize-window button.
* Made the intro movies respect the authoritah of the master volume setting of the game.
* Fixed a bug causing the minimap to appear empty on texture quality settings below 3.
* More improvements to the Edit Layout system.
* When in Edit Layout mode, hitting Cancel after pressing 'Default' will not leave the UI in the default positions.
* The money amounts in Auction House mail should be correctly shown. Also, all mail from the Auction House shows the Auction ID at the end.
* Artifacts now list their sets in tooltips when viewed in the auction house or loot windows.
* Collections are now sorted by level, then alphabetically by item name.
* The Resurrect window for resurrecting in range of your corpse no longer pops up a second time after clicking OK.
* Frantically clicking abilities on your action bar should no longer cause those icons to move around or go away on accident.
* Using an ability and then queuing the same one again will no longer leave the UI showing that ability queued forever.
* Also fixed a flicker/flash in ability icons that would happen when scrolling the ability binder.
* The countdown timer when logging out or exiting the game now shows as a message in the popup window, instead of on the Cancel button.

* The patcher should now download updates without requiring free 'safety' space on the drive for a full install.
* More client performance optimizations!
* Fixed an issue causing an 'Authorization Failed' error when logging out to select a new character.


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Viel zu Viel zum durchlesen. Aber wenigstens ist nun AA dirn. Das war mir wichtig. Nun müssen die nur noch etwas an der Performance schrauben. 25-35 FPS war noch nicht so dolle.


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hmmm noch immer kriegen alle Spieler die eine Petklasse als Seele wählen umgehend ihr Pet.

Das ist nicht toll. So haben alleine wegen dem immensen Vorteil mit einem Pet viele Spieler als 3te Seele z.b Waldläufer. Ein Pet 4 free welches skaliert und ein Baum bei dem man sonst nichts skillen muss und das Pet noch immer Fulldmg macht.

Ingame sieht das dann so aus das mind 50% mit einem Pet rumrennen.

Das System der "ServerFirst" Nachrichten unterstütze ich ebenfalls nicht. Solche Dinge gehören nicht in ein MMORPG

Public Groups waren bitter notwendig (geklaut aus Warhammer). Wird sich aber zeigen ob sich das System bewährt. Wenn die gleichen Egos wie in WoW unterwegs sind, nützt das System nix.
Zuletzt bearbeitet von einem Moderator:


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Ja, mit den Pets geb ich dir recht. Ich hab mir auch einfach so nen 0 Punkte Skelett mit der Hexenmeister Seele dazugeholt. Das war aber nun nicht sonderlich stark im Kampf, sondern eher so schmückendes Beiwerk. Man sollte schon Punkte für ein Pet investieren müssen.
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