Das Dingen in der Mitte (mal wieder )


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Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Interface. Und zwar das Frame in der Mitte. Ich habe keinen Plan was das sein könnte. Ich habe stichprobenartig mal welche ausgeschaltet. Aber das Dingen bleibt einfach da. Kennt das einer von euch?

Und für jeden Kreativen / und ernst gemeinten Vorschlag zum Verbessern bin ich offen gegenüber. Das Interface ist halt noch lange nicht fertig.



Here's my list of WoW AddOns. You may download, install and update
these at any time using WowMatrix at http://www.wowmatrix.com/

!BugGrabber - Grabs bugs for the bug sack.

!Swatter - Debugging tool for handling and displaying of error messages in a useful way.

AbacusLib - A library to provide tools for formatting money and time.

Ace2 - AddOn development framework

Ace3 - AddOn development framework

AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets - Enables AceGUI-3.0 widgets for the 5 basic SharedMedia-3.0 types

AdvancedTradeSkillWindow - An improved window for your tradeskills (v0.7.8)

Auc-Advanced - Auctioneer assists players to track item values; whether buying or selling. You must enable at least one statistics extension (like Auc:Stats:Simple) to begin. Combines with other modules to form the powerful, fully configurable Auctioneer Suite.

AutoRepair - Automaticaly repairs all items when a merchant window is opened

Babble-2.2 - A library to help with localization.

Babble-Class-2.2 - A library to help with localization.

Babble-Ore-2.2 - A library to help with localization.

Bagnon - Single window displays for your inventory, bank, and keys

Bagnon_Config - GUI based configuration for Bagnon

Bagnon_Forever - Stores inventory information about your characters

Bagnon_Tooltips - Tooltips for telling who has what

Bartender4 - Simple and Advanced combined - Bartender4 ActionBar AddOn

BeanCounter - Auction House transaction history to include purchases and sales, failures and successes. Data viewable in game and stored for use within other Auctioneer Modules and other AddOns.

beql - Extended QuestLog is an extension of the QuestLog. It has a new bigger layout and allows you to watch 27 rows instead of 6, this will often be enough to see all quests at the same time. 

BigBrother - Checks Raid Buffs/Flasks & Alerts who breaks Polymorph/Shackle

BLASCProfiler - Exports character data for getbuffed.com

BtmScan - Allows you to monitor new auctions for bargains. [5.0.PRE.3471 (BillyGoat)] This AddOn is licenced under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

ButtonFacade - Allows the dynamic skinning of button-based addons.

ButtonFacade_Apathy - Apathy skin for ButtonFacade.

ButtonFacade_Onyx - Onyx skins for ButtonFacade.

CandyBar - Timerbar embeddable library

Cartographer - Addon to manipulate the map

Cartographer_Battlegrounds - Module which provides maps of battlegrounds.

Cartographer_Coordinates - Module to add coordinates to the bottom of the world map of the player and the cursor.

Cartographer_Data - Cartographer_Herbalism, Cartographer_Mining and Cartographer_Treasure data updated daily

Cartographer_ExtractGas - Gas Extraction mapnotes for Cartographer (based on PinPoint by Ammo)

Cartographer_Foglight - Module to show unexplored areas on the map.

Cartographer_GroupColors - Module which turns all your party's and your raid's POIs into circles colored based on class, and shows a number on them based on their raid group.

Cartographer_GuildPositions - Module which shows you your fellow guild members' positions, as well as allowing them to see you.

Cartographer_Herbalism - Herbalism mapnotes for Cartographer (based on PinPoint by Ammo)

Cartographer_InstanceLoot - Display of loot on instance bosses.

Cartographer_InstanceMaps - Module which provides maps of instances.

Cartographer_InstanceNotes - Module which adds default notes to the instance maps.

Cartographer_LookNFeel - Module which allows you to change the transparency, position, and scale of the world map.

Cartographer_Mining - Mining mapnotes for Cartographer (based on PinPoint by Ammo)

Cartographer_Notes - Module which allows you to put notes on the map.

Cartographer_POI - Module to manage points of interest.

Cartographer_Professions - Stub for loading Cartographer module addons based on your professions.

Cartographer_Quests - Questgiver mapnotes for Cartographer

Cartographer_Waypoints - Module which shows an arrow to direct you to a specified note or location.

Cartographer_ZoneInfo - Module which on hovering over a zone, will show the levels of the zone, the instances in the zone, their levels, and the number of men the instance is made for (e.g. 5-man, 40-man).

Castbars - Configurable Castbars

CECB_Debuffs - Load on demand Debuff Module for Natur EnemyCastBar

CECB_Options - Load on demand Options Frame for Natur EnemyCastBar

CECB_PvEModule - Load on demand PvE Module for Natur EnemyCastBar

CECB_PvPModule - Load on demand PvP Module for Natur EnemyCastBar

CEnemyCastBar - Shows (e.g. Sheep timers), |cff00ff00Casts|r, |cffff00ffGains|r, |cffaa6633Stuns|r, |cff00ccccDoTs|r, |cff0000ffBossTimers|r, |cff0000ffCooldowns|r, |cff0000ffDiminishing Returns|r by lovely colored CastBars - Peace [IMG]http://www.buffed.de/forum/public/style_emoticons//biggrin.gif[/IMG] Supports 'target' and '|cff00ff00focus|r'. Recognizes |cff00ff00unknown|r spell casts, stops and delays!

Comix - A Plain fun Addon

CrapAway - Automaticaly sells all gray items when a merchant window is opened

CrayonLib - A library to provide coloring tools.

DBM-AQ20 - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-AQ40 - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-BlackTemple - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-BurningCrusade - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-BWL - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-ChamberOfAspects - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Coliseum - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Core - Deadly Boss Mods

DBM-EyeOfEternity - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-GUI - GUI for Deadly Boss Mods

DBM-Hyjal - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Icecrown - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Karazhan - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-MC - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Naxx - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Onyxia - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Outlands - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Party-BC - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Party-WotLK - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-PvP - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Serpentshrine - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Sunwell - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-TheEye - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-Ulduar - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-VoA - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-WorldEvents - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-ZG - Deadly Boss Mods module

DBM-ZulAman - Deadly Boss Mods module

Deformat - A library to deformat format strings.

DewdropLib - A library to provide a clean dropdown menu interface.

Enchantrix - Display information in item tooltips pertaining to disenchanting, prospecting, and milling results. [5.8.4723] This AddOn is licensed under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

Enchantrix-Barker - Sends a price list of Enchants that a user has available for sale to the Trade channel. [5.8.4723] This AddOn is licensed under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

EnhTooltip - Used to display enhanced tooltips under the original tooltip or in the original tooltip, contains hooking functions for almost all major in game item tooltips [5.0.PRE.3471] This AddOn is licenced under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

EQCompare - Compare equipped inventory items against items in chatframe hyperlink and bags/bank.

EquipCompare - Compare items easily with ones you have equipped (2.17)

EventAlert - Simple warnings for event procs

FramesResized - Resizes some default UI frames like CraftUI, TradeSkillUI, TrainerUI, QuestLog and LootFrame to show more lines

FuBar_beqlFu - FuBar plugin for Bayi's Extended Questlog

Gatherer - Gatherer, displays stuff you gather in your minimap and world map

Gatherer_HUD - The HUD is a navigation component that allows you to track the location of gatherables on your screen in a heads-up style overlay.

GathererDB_Wowhead - Gatherer preloaded database, courtesy of

GloryLib - A library for PvP and Battlegrounds

GratuityLib - Tooltip scanning library.

ImprovedCamera - Increases limit of the Max Camera Distance slider in Interface Options to the very maximum possible (from 30 to 50).

Informant - Displays detailed item information in tooltips, such as use, vendor sales information, and more. In additon, extended information can be viewed by binding a key from the keybind menu. [5.8.4723] This AddOn is licensed under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

ItemPriceTooltip - Adds vendor sell value to item tooltips.

KLHThreatMeter - A Threat Meter

LibAbacus-3.0 - A library to provide tools for formatting money and time.

LibBabble-Boss-3.0 - A library to help with localization of bosses.

LibBabble-Class-3.0 - A library to help with localization of classes.

LibBabble-Inventory-3.0 - A library to help with localization of item types and subtypes.

LibBabble-Spell-3.0 - A library to help with localization of Spells. DEPRECATED: DO NOT BUMP .TOC

LibBabble-Zone-3.0 - A library to help with localization of Zones.

LibBanzai-2.0 - Aggro notification library.

LibCrayon-3.0 - A library to provide coloring tools.

LibDogTag-2.0 - A library to provide a markup syntax for unit frame FontStrings

LibDogTag-3.0 - A library to provide a markup syntax

LibDogTag-Unit-3.0 - A library to provide unit-oriented tags to LibDogTag-3.0

LibDruidMana-1.0 - A library to provide data on mana for druids in bear or cat form.

LibFuBarPlugin-3.0 - A library to provide a means create a FuBar-compatible plugin.

LibGratuity-3.0 - Tooltip scanning library.

LibGUIDRegistry-0.1 - A GUID Registry library.

LibGuildPositions-1.0 - Communicates with guild members for their positions on the world map

LibHealComm-3.0 - Keeps track of healing spells cast by everyone in a group.

LibJostle-3.0 - A library to handle rearrangement of blizzard's frames when bars are added to the sides of the screen.

LibLogger-1.0 - Simple library that handles multiple levels of logging.

LibMobHealth-4.0 - Estimates a mob's health

LibPeriodicTable-3.1 - Library of compressed itemid sets.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-ClassSpell - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-Consumable - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-Gear - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-GearSet - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-InstanceLoot - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-InstanceLootHeroic - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-Misc - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-Reputation - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-Tradeskill - PeriodicTable data module.

LibPeriodicTable-3.1-TradeskillResultMats - PeriodicTable data module.

LibQuixote-2.0 - Quest information

LibRock-1.0 - AddOn development framework

LibRockComm-1.0 - Communications library

LibRockConfig-1.0 - Configuration library

LibRockConsole-1.0 - Console library

LibRockDB-1.0 - Database library

LibRockEvent-1.0 - Event library

LibRockHook-1.0 - Hooking library

LibRockLocale-1.0 - Localization library

LibRockModuleCore-1.0 - Module library

LibRockTimer-1.0 - Timer library

LibRollCall-2.0 - A library to provide an easy way to get information about guild members.

LibSharedMedia-2.0 - Shared handling of media data (fonts, sounds, textures, ...) between addons.

LibSharedMedia-3.0 - Shared handling of media data (fonts, sounds, textures, ...) between addons.

LibSink-2.0 - Library that handles chat output.

LibTalentQuery-1.0 - Library to help with querying unit talents.

LibTourist-3.0 - A library to provide information about zones and instances.

LootFilter - Filter items you get from looting

m_buffbar - Improved Buff, Debuff, and Weapon Buff display.

MainAssist - Tank frame and assist addon with visual feedback for targets

MobHealth - Estimates a mob's health

MobMap - An ingame universal database (v2.12)

Necrosis - Warlock UI & Shard Management

Omen - A lightweight, flexible, multi-target threat meter.

OmniCC - Cooldown count for everything

OmniCC_Options - A load on demand option menu for OmniCC

PaintChipsLib - Color managing library

Postal - Postal: Enhanced Mailbox support

Prat - A framework for chat frame modules.

Prat_AutoLoD - 

Prat_FuBar - 

Prat_Modules - 

Prat_Modules_AutoLoD - 

Prat_Waterfall - 

Quartz - Modular casting bar.

QuestAnnounce - Quest Announce sends a party message as you advance in a quest.

QuestAnnouncer - QuestAnnouncer sends a party message as you advance in a quest.

QuestHelper - Calculates an optimal route for you to follow while questing.

QuestLogHD - Improves the Questlog Frame for higher resolutions and widescreen displays. |cFF00FF00Version 1.02|r

QuestSounds - Notifies you with sounds, about your quest progression

QuietCast - Mute next casting error messages.

Quixote - A library providing an easy interface to Blizzard's quest functions.

RatingBuster - Item stat breakdown, analysis and comparison

Recount - Records Damage and Healing for Graph Based Display

RestockMe - 

RosterLib - Embeddable library to track raid/party roster

sct - Adds Scrolling Combat Text above your character

SCT_Cooldowns - Adds cooldown messages to SCT.

sct_options - Options menu for SCT (LoadOnDemand)

SCT_SpellReady - Shows spell ready messages in SCT frames.

sctd - Adds your damage to Scrolling Combat Text

sctd_options - Options menu for SCTD (LoadOnDemand)

SexyCooldown - A sexy logarithmic cooldown bar

SexyMap - Spice up ye olde minimap with some sexytime options.

ShadowedUF_Options - Configuration for Shadowed Unit Frames.

ShadowedUF_SmoothBars - Enables smooth changes for bar values updates in SUF

ShadowedUnitFrames - An apple a day keeps the raptor away, or so they say

SinkLib - Library that handles chat output.

Skillet - A replacement tradeskill window

SlideBar - Allows alternative placement of minimap icons into an expanding bar that sits off the side of the screen, just below the Minimap, by default.

SpamSentry - Blocks goldspam messages from showing. Type /sentry for options

SpecialEvents-Aura-2.0 - Some handy events that should exist in the default UI

SpecialEvents-Bags-2.0 - Some handy events that should exist in the default UI

SpecialEvents-Equipped-2.0 - Some handy events that should exist in the default UI

SpecialEvents-LearnSpell-2.0 - Some handy events that should exist in the default UI

SpecialEvents-Loot-1.0 - Special events for players looting items.

SpecialEvents-Mail-2.0 - Some handy events that should exist in the default UI

SpecialEvents-Mount-2.0 - Some handy events that should exist in the default UI

SpecialEvents-Movement-2.0 - Some handy events that should exist in the default UI

SpecialEventsEmbed - Some handy events that should exist in the default UI

StatLogicLib - A Library for stat conversion, calculation and summarization.

Stubby - Allows AddOns to load automatically, when called, based upon simple event notification hooks. [5.8.4723] This AddOn is licensed under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

TabletLib - A library to provide an efficient, featureful tooltip-style display.

TagCompiler-1.0 - A library to provide configuration via simple tag syntax

Talismonger-3.0 - A library to provide events and information about interactable nodes, loot and profession mats

Threat-2.0 - Library for multi-target threat tracking

TipHookerLib - A Library for hooking tooltips.

Titanbeql - TiatanPanel plugin for Bayi's Extended Questlog

TouristLib - A library to provide information about zones and instances.

Waterfall-1.0 - GUI Configuration Library

WhoLib - Queing of /who and SendWho() queries and a much better interface (see docs), with gurantee to be executed & callback.

WIM - Give whispers an instant messenger feel.

WindowLib - A library that handles the basics of "window" style frames
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