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Hallo Buffed.de Community, hallo Age of Conan Spieler!

Im folgenden möchte ich die Gilde A'a Netjer vorstellen.

Vorweg als wichtige Information:
A'a Netjer ist eine internationale Gilde, dass heist es befinden sich Spieler aus allen möglichen Europäischen Ländern in der Gilde und deshalb wird sowohl im Forum, als auch im Ventrilo Englisch geschrieben/gesprochen. All diejenigen, die der Englischen Sprache nicht mächtig sind oder mit der internationalität der Gilde ein Problem haben sollten es sich also überlegen, ob Sie sich bewerben wollen oder nicht.

History und ein paar allgemeine Informationen:

Die Gilde A'a Netjer wurde Anfang diesen Jahres von einigen Spielern aus den USA gegründet.
Der Name "A'a Netjer stammt aus dem alt-ägyptischen und bedeutet übersetzt so viel wie "True Gods" ("wahre Götter"). Der Name wurde gewählt um sowohl einen einzigartigen Namen für die Gilde zu haben, als auch um unsere allgemeine Gildenpolitik zu repräsentieren.
Die Gilde wurde ursprünglich für das Ende des Jahres erscheinende Spiel "Stargate Worlds" gegründet, entwickelte sich aber schnell zu einer Multi-Gaming Gilde, die im Moment plant in den Spielen "Age of Conan", "Stargate Worlds" und "Earthrise" aktiv zu werden bzw. es in Age of Conan schon ist.

Da Age of Conan ein Spiel mit sowohl europäischen als auch amerikanischen Servern ist, hat die Gilde eine EU Division und eine US Division. Der im nachfolgenden Text zu unserer EU Abteilung für Age of Conan ist daher in Englisch. Verfasst wurde er von unserem Guildleader EU: indelible

Im Voraus zu diesem Text noch ein paar Sachen:
Die Gilde A'a Netjer ist in AoC EU ansässig auf dem PvP-Server "Fury".
Link zu unserem neusten Recruitment Video
Ein Interview auf Curse.com mit den Gilden Anführern. Es ist natürlich auf Englisch und bezieht sich auf den Stargate Worlds Teil der Gilde, aber ich dachte es ist lesenswert genug um hier verlinkt zu werden.

Nun alles weitere zu unserer Gilde:

A'a Netjer Website (WIP)
A'a Netjer Forum

Thanks for showing an interest in A’a Netjer EU Division!

A’a Netjer operates two divisions in Age of Conan – an EU division and a US division. Both divisions operate from the same website and forum as part of the same multi-gaming syndicate and all rules, guidelines and application requirements apply to both the EU and US divisions. The only thing that may differ between the two divisions is class requirements. Players can transfer between the EU and US divisions, should they chose to do so, without having to reapply.

The following information is specific to the EU Division of A'a Netjer in AoC.

If you are interested in applying, simply read through this thread and follow the links at the end of the post, which will take you to our website and forum where you can apply.

Please Note: The EU division of A’a Netjer is currently actively looking for core members who may wish to occupy positions of leadership within Age of Conan EU only. A’a Netjer will not be operating an EU division in any other games we express an interest in unless it is specifically highlighted. Currently, it is something we are willing to explore, should there be enough interest.

About Us:

1. Who we are?

A'a Netjer EU is a PvP/PvE guild in Age of Conan. We will not only focus on team based PvP, but we will also complete all the content that Hyboria has to offer. Players will be asked to specify a preference towards either or both upon joining the guild. This does not mean that if a player decides to join the PvP section, they cannot participate in PvE events. It only means that we have a better idea of the spread and talents of our guild member. With this type of leadership, we believe that we can have the best of both worlds with a concentration on both styles of play.

2. What is the goal of the Guild?

The goal of the Guild is first and foremost to have fun. That is what gaming is all about. What better way to have fun, than to be the best? We will concentrate on being the best in PvP and PvE. We want to be the first on our servers to create guilds, the first to accomplish the hardest PvE tasks, and the first guilds to have a reputation in PvP.

Put simply, we want to be the best.

3. What are the requirements to become a member?

As of now we are accepting all races into the Guild. Although we do not intend to conduct guild run RP events, we do welcome RPers into the Guild. You must have Ventrilo and you must register on the forums and fill out an application.

As well as this, the EU division is looking for core members to help establish a strong presence within Hyboria. This means that EU applicants may be asked to take on positions of authority and responsibility within the guild at a later date.

4. Will we have Alliances?

As of now, we will not have alliances. We are arrogant and boastful and we share power with no one outside of the A'a Netjer. Our goal is to dominate everyone and not share that glory. This being said, we do not care about how the community feels about us. If we are hated, then so be it.

Please Note: This does not mean that we will allow our members to act inappropriately. If we find that a player is acting in a way we deem inappropriate, Officers withhold the right to terminate a players membership in A’a Netjer.

5. Why does the Guild not care what people think about them?

Too many times we have seen people in Guilds get bashed only to have their friends sit in silence because they fear what the community thinks. We do not care what the community thinks about us. We believe that this will add to the mentality A’a Netjer members should have with one another. I have your back - you have mine. What about broken bridges? Well, this is for an individual person to decide. If they feel they do not want to get involved, then that is fine. They do not have to speak up, but if someone starts a flame war and they want to, they will know that this leadership will have their back and not throw them out of the Guild because the "community" didn't like what was being said. This is a game and we want to have fun. If my brother or sister offended you, then oh well for you.

6. Do you have any other way of communicating in and out of game?

Yes, as of now, we have a Ventrilo server and the information for connection can be found in on our forums. Ventrilo will be mandatory to have in-game but a mic is not required for anyone that is not a leader.

We also have an Xfire clan, which members are welcome to join. Xfire is the offical messenger client for the guild.


Code of Conduct:

· Each member will treat other members with respect.
· Each member is required to be at least 14 years of age before entering this Guild. If you will turn 16 before the game comes out, then you will be given forum rights as an initiate, but you can not enter our ranks until you reach the age of 16.
· Each new member is subject to a 30 day trial period (in-game).
· It is your responsibility to check the forums. If we coordinate our Guild events on the forum and there is no way of coordinating this in-game, then it is your responsibility to check the forums for events and updates in the Guild.
· Membership in two Guilds: You can be a member of as many Guilds as you think you have time for, the only exception to this, is that you can not have a leadership position in this Guild if you are a member of another Guild. We require that our leaders are active and put their full attention to the Guild and its members. If you are in multiple Guilds, we ask that you inform us.
· Each member will not talk poorly about another member in public form. If you have an issue with someone in the Guild, bring it up to the leadership.
· All leaders will be active pre-game and in-game. If you are not active, you will be removed from your position. You can remain a part of the Guild if you choose to do so, but we must have active leaders to succeed.


If you are interested in joining the A'a Netjer EU Division, please take the time to read over all of the information to make sure this is the type of Guild you are looking for.

1 - What territory are you located in? (EU/US) (This is the territory you intend to play in)
2 - What game is your primary choice within A'a Netjer? (Age of Conan/Stargate Worlds/Earthrise)(Please Note that only US territories are supported in Earthrise and Stargate Worlds.)
3 - Excluding your primary choice, what other titles are you interested in playing in with A'a Netjer? (Age of Conan/Stargate Worlds/Earthrise/None)
4 - What type of player are you? (Hardcore, Casual, PvP, PvE, Power Leveler, etc)
5 - What are you looking for in a Guild?
6 - What can you bring to the Guild?
7 - Do you seek leadership in the Guild? If so, what qualifies you?
8 - Have you read the Code of Conduct?
9 - Do you have any questions concerning the Code of Conduct?
10 - Are you currently part of another gaming guild? (If so, please list the guild name and the game it occupies. If the guild occupies more than one game, please label it as, "multi-gaming.")
11 - Have you been a part of any Guilds in the past? If so, which ones and for what games?
12 - What time will you normally play?
13 - How many hours per week do you plan on playing?
14 - What race do you plan on playing?
15 - Do you concentrate more on PvP, PvE or RP?
16 - Who referred you to A'a Netjer?

You must register on our forums. We will use the forum calendar to schedule events. You must be a member to view the calendar. Once in-game, I suggest checking the forums once a week to make sure you know what events are scheduled.

A'a Netjer Website (WIP)
A'a Netjer Forum

Falls noch irgendwelche Fragen offen sein sollten könnt ihr euch gerne über unser Forum an uns wenden (Post oder Private Message) oder auf unserer Homepage nachschauen, ob es nicht dort eine Antwort für eure Frage gibt.

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