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Game Update 1.1.0

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Patch 1.1.0: 12/03/2008


With 1.1, we have been working hard and listening to player feedback to make the great game of WAR even better. We're proud to introduce to the game several exciting changes that you requested! These changes include the following:
* Two New Careers - The Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Black Guard have joined their allies and are now available to play for everyone!
* Open RvR Influence System - As part of our ongoing effort to encourage people to take part in oRvR, we are pleased to announce the release of an influence system geared solely to oRvR. Players who participate in this part of WAR will now have additional incentives for fighting for their realm. As part of this patch we have also made quite a number of changes and fixes to oRvR places and NPCs as well.
* Easy Public Quests - PQs are great but sometimes it's hard to get enough people together to complete them, especially in the lower tiers. So, we are redesigning one PQ per chapter so that it can be completed by 1-3 people.
* Chat Hyperlinking - One of the most requested features by the community has been adding the ability to hyperlink items, abilities and quests in the chat window and now it has been added.
* Armor Set Improvements - We have made a number of adjustments to armor sets to ensure that they continue to be some of the most attractive items in the game. In addition we have made adjustments to ensure they are more frequently available to players at all levels.
* Main Assist - RvR is exciting, chaotic and always challenging but this feature will make it just a little bit easier to help your group fight the good fight.
* Player Statue System - Nothing says "you've made it" more than having a statue with your name on it in the capital city of your realm.
* New Content - Whether it is new lairs, new quests and changes to items, this patch is full of lots of fun new content additions to the game.
* User Interface - Lots and lots of fixes, changes and new additions to our user interface and API functionality, new additions to the chat system and graphic options incorporating community requested features a channel flashing on activity, the ability to turn the chat bubbles on/off, a gamma slider and so much more.

Introducing Easy Public Quests:
* Beginning with update 1.0.6, we are launching a new initiative to expand the scope of our Public Quest experience. Now, solo players and small groups can also participate in these unique and exciting encounters that are one of WAR's most innovative features.
* We have reviewed each Chapter in Tier 1, including all three racial pairings, and have altered one Public Quest in each Chapter (with the notable exception of Chapter One) to be suitable for 1-3 players. We have reduced the numbers on monster kill and gather counters, lowered the difficulty of the second- and third-stage enemies and bosses, and scaled down the rewards of these PQs correspondingly.
* The Public Quest interface which appears on the right side of the screen when a player enters a Public Quest area will now display which Public Quests are now easier to complete.
* We will continue adjusting one Public Quest per Chapter through the remaining three Tiers in the weeks and months to come, so be sure to check the Warhammer Online Herald for updates on our progress!

Chat Hyper Linking:
One of the most requested features from our players finally makes its debut: Chat Hyper Linking! Simply Shift Left-Click on an item, an ability in the ability window, a quest in the quest tracker, or even another player now places a hyperlink into the chat input window. Other players can then click on the link to open a window displaying the item, ability, quest, or player information. Players can have as many unique windows open as they wish. Let the online item stat comparisons begin!
* Because of the addition of this new feature, splitting a stack, which used to require a Shift Left-Click action, now uses Shift Right-Click.
* Right-Clicking a player name in the chat window now brings up a context menu with options to ignore, add as friend, invite to group, inspect, target, etc: Pretty much every reasonable interaction you've ever wanted to have with a player speaking in a chat channel.

Armor Set Improvements:
This patch represents a pretty significant improvement to Armor Sets in all Tiers. We have made a number of adjustments across many sets to ensure that these items remain both highly competitive and desirable. Changes to these items will automatically take effect on existing items in the game.:
* Armor Sets are now represented with their own special item type represented by "Gold" Text
* We have looked carefully at all sets to ensure that their bonuses are attractive to the careers they are designed for.
* The bonus on many individual set items have been increased in power to make them more competitive with other Rare and Very Rare drops at their level.
* Some set items have had their equip level decreased, allowing them to be used at an earlier level.
* Crafters will be able to salavage most set items. Only set items that are available for purchase from a merchant will be flagged as "No Salavage."
* We have added an additional item to the following armor sets:Redeye, Devastator, and Keeper.
* The following set items have been made bind-on-equip: Sentinel Belt, Conqueror Boots, Invader Boots, and Warlord Boots.
Encounter Ward System Adjustments
After continued testing, we have revised the way that the Ward System works. Encounters will now be slightly harder for players without wards; however, players will need less total ward items to become competitive, and will gain an extra benefit if they complete the entire ward set.
* Players without warded armor will continue take up to 200% additional damage from certain monsters. Each appropriate ward worn will continue to reduce that damage by 40% per item.
* Players without warded armor will now have 40% damage output against certain monsters. For each piece of appropriate ward armor worn, the player's damage output against those monsters will increase by 15%.
* Players who wear all five pieces of warded armor will deal an additional 15% bonus damage to certain monsters.

PQ Gold Bag Changes
Part of improving set items was making these items more frequently available to players. As such we have made a number of adjustments to Gold Bags in PQ's to help us deliver these items to the players more frequently without introducing too many new Rare or Very Rare items into the game.
* Gold bags will now only drop Set Items, Crafting Materials, or Money.
* The drop rate for Gold Bags has been increased in almost every PQ in the game.
- Easy difficulty PQ's will now drop bags slightly more frequently.
- Medium difficulty PQ's will now drop bags more frequently.
Hard difficulty PQ's will drop gold bags much more frequently and will also have a chance to drop up to two gold bags.

Open RvR Influence:
One of the most recently requested items by our community has been incentives for open RvR. The open RvR system is the first of many new features and improvements we have slated to ensure that WAR is the best RvR experience on the market.
Influence can be earned both by killing players as well as capturing or defending Keeps and Battlefield Objectives. When a player participates in a pairing's open RvR, they will earn Influence with that race in that Tier. The more Influence you earn, the better the rewards you can obtain by speaking with the Rallymaster located in that area's warcamps. For more information on rewards please see the detailed notes below.
* Each open RvR influence area offers basic, advanced, and elite rewards for a total of 9 rewards per Tier
* New "Rare" items are available as rewards for more casual RvR players.
* New "Very Rare" items are available as rewards for hardcore RvR players.
* Open RvR influence introduces many new weapons and accessories that players can earn exclusively in RvR!

Main Assist:
In order to help groups feel more cohesive and assist in cooperation among group members, we have added a simple main assist function which can be assigned by the group leader.
* The leader of a group may designate a group member as the "main assist" player for that group. This status can only be changed by the group leader, and by the player who has been designated as the main assist player.
* By default, the leader of a group is set to be that group's main assist player when the group is first created.
* When a group contains a main assist player, a main assist button will be visible on the interface of each player in the group.
* When a player clicks on this button, that player's target will immediately change to match the current target of the main assist player.
* Assignment of the main assist designation can be done through the party context menu, or with the slash command /mainassist [PlayerName] or /makemainassist [PlayerName].
* In scenarios, the main assist status is not given to anyone at party creation, but is instead up for claim to any player in the scenario group. When someone has claimed main assist, only that player can reassign it to someone else in the group.
Player Statue System:
Introducing something the team is really excited to bring into the game: Player statues. These statues are located in the War Quarter in Altdorf and in the Undercroft in Inevitable City, and have been enabled to display the top ten Renown Point earners of the previous week and the weekly top Renown Point earner of each realm for that server. If you are the best of the best for your realm, you will now have a representative statue (based on career and gender) with your name on it, making you an idol to millions (at least until someone dethrones you). More information will be posted in the Dev Diary this Friday on the Herald!

General Changes and Bug Fixes:
* Death animations will now play more in sync with the exact moment of a character's death.
* Players will now receive the message: "Your Target Can't Reach You" when they are targeting a monster that is attempting to reach them, but can't.
* Newly created dual-wielding characters will display weapons in both hands on the character select screen.
* Reduced the amount of time that monster corpses will be visible in the world after being killed by another monster.
* When players speak to a Kill Collector NPC for the first time, they will now be presented with the proper dialogue
* Monsters with names that have partial matches to profanity will no longer have their names filtered. For example, "Assassin" will no longer be displayed as "******in".
* Players will now be able to properly use the /follow slash command to follow friendly players through water.
* Players who attempt to zone into a dungeon that has an encounter in progress will no longer receive two messages about not being able to enter.
* Players will no longer receive kill credit for monsters when half or more of the damage done was from another monster
* Players in first-person view will no longer see their shadow.
* When exiting the game, the client will now shut down and return the user to desktop more quickly.
* Fixed an issue that caused players standing on top of a structure, such as a wall, to appear to be standing on the ground.
* Fixed various ghosting issues that caused players to appear to be stuck running in place, or to still be mounted even after dismounting.
* Fixed an issue that caused some players and player pets to become invisible when a large number of players and/or monsters were in close proximity to each other.
* Fixed an issue that caused monster and player models to become distorted and stretched on the screen.

Capital Cities
* New unique rare and very rare drops have been added to all Capital City high-level dungeons, including Bilerot Burrow, Bloodwrought Enclave, Sigmar's Crypts, and Warpblade Tunnels. Additionally, the drop tables for all monsters within these dungeons have been revised.
* Mailboxes have been added inside Sigmar's Hammer and the Viper's Pit Guild Taverns.
* The merchants found at the Viper's Pit and Sigmar's Hammer will now only be available if the Guild Tavern entrance is open (based on City Rank).
* With the introduction of the Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Black Guard, additional NPCs from these careers will populate the cities.
* There are now Talisman and Salvaging trainers in both the Inevitable City and Altdorf.
* A Pale Eye Burglar that has been spotted skulking around the docks in Altdorf has been persuaded to move along.
* A number of merchants and other citizens in both Capital Cities have had their titles modified to accurately reflect their utility.
* Eckhardt Krause will no longer incorrectly contribute to Altdorf's standing.
* Revised the error message given when attempting to enter the Screaming Cat Tavern before City Rank 5 to more clearly explain why the tavern is not open.
* Morena von Hoffe is now using tools more appropriate to her position.
* The mysterious barrels found in the capital cities will now reward those who are adventurous enough to open them, but be careful! Some of the barrels are potentially dangerous!
* A number of monsters in the Altdorf Sewers and Warpblade Tunnels dungeons were adjusted so they properly give contribution toward their respective city's standing when killed.
* Banker Lutz near the Mastiff's End in Altdorf has found his courage and will no longer duck and hide behind the bank counter.
* The Viper's Pit entrance will give the proper error message when players attempt to enter before the city has reached the sufficient rank.
* The Elyr Merchants at the Docks in Altdorf will now wear the proper clothing at all times.
* The grate leading to the Bilerot Burrows dungeon will now give the proper message if it is locked based on City Rank, and will open properly when the city reaches the appropriate rank.
* The Wretched One's dialogue will no longer contain unintelligible characters.
* The Warprot Plague Monk in the Altdorf Sewers will no longer be surrounded by flies as they could be confused with the Scavenging effect on monster death.
* Crier Kosch will now remain stationary in Altdorf so that he is easier for players to locate.
* Fixed a number of ambient dialogues in the Capital Cities that contained extraneous characters at the end of the dialogue.
* Flayerkin in the Inevitable City will now animate properly.
* Ambient robber NPCs in Altdorf will no longer drop 'Stolen Karls' outside of the Bank Robbery Public Quest.
* A number of citizens in Altdorf and the Inevitable City now boast unique looks.
* While exploring Altdorf and the Inevitable City, players might discover new citizens who have some interesting lore to share.
* Peasants near the Bright Wizard College in Altdorf have given up trying to keep their clothes free from soot and ash. Their clothes now reflect the atmosphere and danger of living close to the Bright Wizard College.

Combat and Careers
* Snare effects from the environment, such as those incurred by moving through water or lava, will no longer stack with snares inflicted by player and monster abilities.
* Abilities that fire in an arc toward the target will now follow their respective arc more correctly.
* Redeploy: When this ability is used, the Engineer's turret will now properly appear in its new location.
* Punishing Knock: This ability will now properly knock players down to the ground.
White Lion
* Pounce: This ability will now deal damage correctly with each hit.
* Two new lairs have been added to the Warhammer world! Players can search in Saphery and Talabecland to locate them.
* Siphoner Tahalys will now behave more like a Bright Wizard.
* Tomb Guards no longer use Bright Wizard spells.
* Additional feedback has been added for players attempting to gain access to Fleshrender's Lair.
* Tainted Oogs no longer sinks under the terrain when engaged in combat.
* Suntear will no longer be hostile toward Order-aligned characters.
* Brugash in Dammaz Skar has regained the use of his special abilities.
* Ahzranok in the Lost Vale dungeon now has an increased chance to drop all unique items that are also dropped by Lurquasss. The chance for unique items to drop from Lurquasss has been reduced.

* We have implemented a temporary inventory overflow system. There are gameplay situations, such as crafting, where a player may have a full inventory and yet still receive more items. In these and similar situations, a temporary overflow window will appear, giving players the opportunity to make room for the excess items in their main inventory. Please note that this is not an expansion of the player inventory. Players will not be able to use the overflow window as a permanent storage alternative, as any items remaining in the inventory overflow will be lost when the player logs out of the game. Players will also not be able to move items into this overflow window.
* Items that have a proc effect, such as high-level armor sets, will now display this information in their tooltips.
* Fixed several graphical and animation issues relating to swords and staves.
* Improved and diversified the appearance of many cloaks throughout the game.
* The cost to repair broken items has been brought in line with the value of items throughout the game.
* Some wristguard items were improperly named as waistgirds. These item names have been corrected.
* The 'Dye All' button has been re-enabled on Dye Merchants throughout the world.
* Gold loot bags, such as those awarded for the completion of Public Quests and Keep captures, will now contain armor set pieces exclusively. These loot bags will no longer contain other loot items, as the other colored loot bags do.
* The Black Mire Tower encounter will now provide adventurers with better rewards for their troubles.
* Lair Bosses throughout the world will once again drop treasure.
* Monsters throughout the world will drop treasure items more often.
* Monsters in high-level Chapters will now consistently drop treasures of an appropriate level.
* New Public Quest rewards and unique rare and very rare world drops have been added to the Bastion Stair, and the drop tables of all monsters have been updated.
* The Gale-Runner's Chaos-Axe had incorrect stats and name for a one-handed axe. It is now named the Gale-Runner's Dreadaxe, and has had its DPS raised slightly and its Strength reduced.
* The Gale-Runner's Crusher had incorrect DPS and speed for a one-handed hammer. Its DPS has been reduced and it has been made faster.
* Due to player feedback, we have taken a look at the HP Regeneration bonus on all armor sets and items. As a result of this review, we have greatly improved the values of HP Regeneration bonuses on items and item sets throughout the game.

Quests & Public Quests
* Several new quests have been added to the Chapter 15 hubs for all races.
* Fun new "chicken run" quests have been added to the Tier 3 Greenskin and High Elf warcamps. These quests send players back to Tier 1 open RvR areas for an update on the progress of the war.
* Two new bounty hunter quests have been added, one each to target enemy players of the Knights of the Blazing Sun and Black Guard careers. Interested players should visit the High Elf Chapter 8 hub or the Chaos Chapter 13 hub, depending on their realm.
* Players who leave a Public Quest area will retain their contribution to that Public Quest for five minutes.
* Tier 1 Dark Elf and Empire Public Quest bosses have been retuned to account for the introduction of the Knight of the Blazing Sun and Black Guard.
* The skeleton of Christopher Kuhn no longer pulses with the interactable glow to those who are not on the appropriate quest.
* Trample Tantrum: The Chapter 19 Greenskin Kill Collector NPC now recognizes all Mudhide boar kills instead of just Mudhide Tuskers.
* Cleansing an Empire: The pyre associated with this quest now pulses with the interactable glow.
* Tunnels and Trinkets: The gore-spattered crate associated with this quest now properly despawns after interaction.
* Thorns: The number of black powder barrels associated with this quest has been reduced.
* Breaking Stone: The cooking fire associated with this quest is now much more noticeable.
* Falling Stars: The quest condition has been changed to "Griffon Forces", which encompasses all previous targets.
* Plans Within Plans: The monster population associated with this quest has been reduced.
* Mark of Grimnir: The monster population associated with this quest has had its rate of respawn reduced.
* Ruinous Powers: The Raven Sorcerers associated with this Public Quest now properly appear to be channeling dark magic.
* Heart of Strength: The waypoint to find Sigmarite Henchmen and Zealots for this quest has been increased to cover all applicable areas.
* Unmasking the Enemy: The waypoint associated with part one of this quest has been reduced to encompass only the tower.
* Faith is Madness: Multiple fixes and improvements have been made to this quest line.
- Increased the density and respawn rate of the monster population associated with parts four and five of this quest.
- Part five of this quest now has an additional waypoint to encompass another group of Manticores.
- The waypoint associated with part seven of this quest has been extended to encompass all instances of food and drink.
- An additional waypoint has been added to part 15 of the quest that covers all fallen Empire NPCs.
- The Shards of Lucidity, Sagacity, Purity, and Clarity associated with part 16 of this quest are now properly placed within a character's quest inventory once obtained.
- Each of the Shards of Lucidity, Sagacity, Purity, and Clarity associated with part 16 of this quest now has a unique icon.
* Bond of Fellowship: This quest's waypoint now covers the correct location.
* Knights Errant: This quest's waypoint now covers the correct location.
* Oathbearer's Way: This quest's waypoint now covers the correct location.
* Broken Core: The journal entry associated with part three of this quest now explains the quest's objective more clearly.
* The Vessel of Azorgaron: This quest is now properly flagged as an epic quest. Additionally, the quest target, Szurinna, no longer a Champion.
* Overwhelming Power: Orthor Firebrand will no longer despawn when a player accepts this quest.
* Wyrmbreaker: Fixed an issue that would sometimes complete the quest condition without giving the player the scroll item.
* Reign of Destruction: The pikes associated with this quest now only accept one skull placement every so often.
* Painstaking: The item "Implement of Anguish" associated with this quest no longer gives an error message when used on the proper target.
* Bait & Switch: The kill requirement for this quest has been reduced from 8 to 4.
* Timeless Wisdom: The kill requirement for this quest has been reduced from 12 to 6.
* Buying Time: The targets associated with part one of this quest now always remain within their appropriate waypoint.
* Show 'Em Who's Boss: A waypoint over the Flightmaster NPC has been added to parts eight and nine of this quest.
* Hungry Work: A waypoint has been added to indicate the location of the food pile.
* Champion of the Lost Forge: This quest has been re-enabled in Dwarf Chapter 19.
* Tome of Ages: The quest item "Tome of Ages" has been relocated to a more solo-friendly location.
* Annihilation: The monster population density and respawn rate associated with part five of this quest has been increased.
* Disenchanting the Stone: It is now possible to continue this quest line if the book was destroyed by killing Lore Master Tadrillian again.
* An Innocent Man: Innkeeper Ossia's name will now be visible at all times so that she is easier to find.
* Spotting Trouble: This capital city quest has been reduced to level 15. Additionally, the waypoint for this quest has been adjusted so that it points to the proper sewer entrance.
* Ogre Bodyguards: Interacting with Georg Rothstein will now properly continue this quest series.
* Tasty Morsels: This quest has been re-enabled and adjusted to be a level 15 quest available in the Capital Cities.
* The Devil Inside: The tooltip information for this Altdorf quest has been updated to remove some erroneous text. Additionally, the journal text for this Altdorf quest has been updated to give a more clear description of where to search for the quest goal.
* The Devil Inside: The Ever Ancient: This Inevitable City quest has been disabled.
* An Innocent Man: Completing this Altdorf quest will no longer cause strings of numbers to appear in the player's chat window.
* Mushroom Hunta: Fixed the quest icon for the mushrooms gathered during this quest in the Inevitable City.
* The Temple of the Damned: Captured Souls are now only attackable during the proper stage of this Public Quest in the Inevitable City.
* Sharpthorn Rock Mine: The final stage monsters for this Public Quest now arrive via gyrocopters.
* The Tower of Neborhest: The objectives associated with this Public Quest now state more clearly which pillar needs to be attacked at the appropriate stage.
* Reichert's Raiders: Broadcast text has been added to the Public Quest when a tent is razed.
* The Defiled Anvil: The Corrupting Stones associated with this Public Quest will now properly despawn once they have been destroyed.

Realm vs. Realm
* All Fortress Lords have been adjusted to ensure that they provide the intended level of challenge. This includes updates to their abilities, damage, and defenses.
* Lycithas the Harridan Seer now has voiceovers enabled for her portion of the Monolith encounter during the invasion of the Inevitable City.
* A number of neutral NPCs were removed from the contested version of the Inevitable City as they did not contribute to the city defense and might have confused the invaders.
* While inside a contested city, the proper instance number will now be displayed on the player's interface.
* Reinforcement Guards for Keeps from captured Battlefield Objectives will now have a title that reflects where they have come from.
* The Order patrols near Festenplatz will now patrol further away to allow room for players to move without potentially drawing the patrol into the Battlefield Objective battle.
* Keep Lords based on pet-using careers will now summon pets in a manner similar to their player counterparts.
* Battlefield Objectives in every tier and pairing have been fortified with newer, more realm-specific palisades and other types of barricades.
* A number of warcamps have been fortified to strengthen their position.
* Siege Oil Pads on High Elf and Dark Elf keeps have been moved slightly so the splash hits better and the oil is attackable properly from below.
* Fixed an issue where Keep and Postern Doors would not respond properly if another player had used that door immediately before.
* In Scenarios, the confirmation pop-up window on zone out will now disappear if you move out of range of the zone point.
* We have instituted additional fail-safes to prevent rare cases where Tier 4 zones would lock down incorrectly.
* Placing the bomb in the Talabec Dam Scenario will now take less time.
* Fixed an issue in the contested version of Altdorf to ensure that fires started by Destruction players can be extinguished by Order players.
* The guards in the Phoenix Gate Scenario have been adjusted slightly to prevent them from improperly being dragged into the Scenario battle proper.
* The patrolling guards for Wilhem's Fist have had their path slightly adjusted to ensure they do not attempt to overrun Siege Pads or other objects in area.
* The patrolling Order guards for Fangbreaker Keep will now path properly around the Keep.
* A number of extraneous objects in the contested version of the Inevitable City were removed to improve framerate during a city invasion.
* A number of Dread Sentries spawned inside of the contested version of Altdorf have been fixed so they are wearing the proper armor for their race.
* A few misplaced Siege Pads in the middle of Talabecland have been removed.
* The Postern Doors on the outer walls of the Fortresses in Reikwald and Butcher's Pass were never meant to be usable. As such, they have been fixed so that the doors will give the proper 'barred' message to players that attempt to use them.
* Additional guards have been called in to reinforce the Greenskin warcamp in Thunder Mountain.
* Leaving and entering the cave area near Badmoon Hole Keep will no longer strip bolster.
* Keeps and Battlefield Objectives will now broadcast a message to all players in the entire Tier when they change realm control. This messaging can be turned off or on from the User Settings.
* Players successfully defending a Keep/Fortress will now receive a considerable renown reward.
* Keep/Fortress Contribution: After lengthy evaluation and feedback from the players we have made several changes to the contribution system in place for the Public Quests associated with Keep/Fortress sieges. These changes will encourage more participation and reward players participating in Keep/Fortress sieges.
- All enemy kills, both Player Character and Non-Player Character, will now contribute towards the Public Quest for taking a Keep/Fortress.
- Other actions that lead to taking a Keep/Fortress will now result in contribution toward the Public Quest for taking a Keep/Fortress.

User Interface
* New animations have been added for hotbar ability cooldowns. After an ability is used, a radial wipe animation will play that counts down the time until the ability can be used again.
* Quest waypoints for caves have been changed so that they are consistent across all zones. Cave waypoints now appear as a red dot located at the cave's entrance.
* The Public Quest scoreboard has been updated to properly display more than eight loot bag rewards where applicable.
* Mousing over an alternate currency icon will tell you its name.
* Added the ability to sort mail in your inbox.
* Guild heraldry settings and choosing to hide your helm or cloak will now save upon zoning or re-logging.
* Master looters may now assign loot if they are in a warband slot other than the first one.
* When using auto loot via the option or by holding Shift, you will now be warned when picking up a bind-on-pickup item.
* Fixed a bug that caused the "Need on Use" option to incorrectly be grayed out.

* Guild notes have been re-added to the Guild Roster Window.
* Guild Leaders, Officers, and anyone with appropriate permissions can once again use the guild window context menu to promote and demote members.
* Guild permission tooltips have been updated to accurately reflect their function and intended behavior.
* Guild ranks other than Guild Leaders may no longer be given permission to form alliances.
* Guild administration options for those who do not have permission to edit them will now accurately be grayed out.
* Fixed an issue where the guild window would sometimes close when clicking on a name.
* Guild members will no longer be able to read guild chat if they do not have the permissions to do so.
* Fixed tooltip display for the first custom guild rank slot.
* Kicking a player from a guild now properly deactivates the guild and alliance tabs.
* Guild members may now be promoted to the first customize guild rank slot
* Fixed an issue where guild/alliance roster sub-tabs appeared on the screen if the player joined a new guild after having left a guild with the Guild Roster tab as the last Guild Window viewed.
* Players with permission no longer have to relog to see Member and Officer Notes.
* Guild titles now sort by rank instead of alphabetically.
* Players who do not have permission to kick members from their guild will no longer be presented with the option to do so.
* Fixed an issue where the Guild Roster was not updating properly when Hide Offline was checked.
* Guilds will no longer receive a message that they have gained a rank before actually doing so.
* "Hide Offline" in the guild window now saves correctly between sessions and updates when toggled.
* The guild is now notified via the chat buffer when a guild leader has changed.

Settings and Performance
- There is a new option in the Customize UI window for action bar settings that allows players to hide the cooldown text and show only the radial animation. Additionally, cooldown text is now always suppressed for the global cooldown timer; only the radial animation is played to show the global cooldown.
- There is now a Gamma slider available in the user settings.
- Players will receive a warning if they try to change their client's performance setting to "High" without sufficient resources on their computer to run the game at this setting.
- The memory GPU slider will now only be available if the player's computer has more than 512MB of RAM.
- The shadows cast by other players' mounts will now be visible when the shadow quality is set to "High."
- We have made significant improvements to client performance when handling buff updates.
* Chat Windows, Bubbles, and Messaging
* You will now see an outgoing message when sending a warband invite.
* Fixed an issue where NPC chatter was not relaying which NPCs were speaking.
* NPC chat bubbles are once again visible.
* The "Show Timestamp" chat option will now save upon exit.You will no longer see, "You are no longer logging out," when you attempt to exit the game.
* Fixed an issue where the profanity filter was filtering out letters in the middle of certain words.
* Parties will now receive a message when a party member has left or disconnected.
* Fixed a specific Talisman-making error message that referred to the skill as Apothecary.
* Attempting to invite a player to a party who is already in a party will refer you to that player's party leader.
* Using the /lol or /thank emotes will now return the proper text.
* Added the functionality for chat tabs to blink when they receive new messages. This feature is turned off by default; to enable it, right-click on the chat window tab, mouse over "Tab Options," and check "Flash on Activity."
* Chat bubbles can now be toggled on and off.
* The chat tab menu has been re-organized in an effort to make it easier to use.
* We have made several improvements to chat filtering. To view the new filters, right click on the desired chat tab and select filters.
* Players will now receive an error message when attempting to look for a warband while already in one.
* Tells are no longer saved as a "sticky" channel.
* Alliance and Alliance Officer Channels are now saved as "sticky" channels.
* The command /warband (/warbandallianceonly) has been changed to provide accurate feedback messages.
* Dead players will now be able to see death announcements.
* Sending a tell to an AFK player will return a message stating that the recipient is AFK.
* You will no longer see an error message when a player from an enemy realm attempts to send you a tell.
* /Shout once again has a longer range than /say.
* Fixed an issue where the colored text of City Rating messages was overflowing into subsequent lines of text.
* Damage messages printed in the chat window now show the amount of Critical Damage mitigated.
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Wären die auf Deutsch gewesen, hätte sich ein neues Thema über die Patch notes gelohnt...
ein bisschen englisch schadet niemanden
ein bisschen englisch schadet niemanden
Pass ma auf mein Sohn...
Als ich englisch in der Schule hatte, bist du noch im Stammhirn deines Papis auf und ab geschwommen...

Ich hab nix gegen englisch und ich kann es....
Aber ich spiele nicht extra auf einem deutschen Server mit einem "eingedeutschtem" Spiel, um dann ständig englische Patchnotes lesen zu müssen.

Mag sein, dass du da kein Problem mit hast. Toll... Geh aufn englischen Server und in ein englischens Forum.
Das hier ist n deutsches Forum für die Spieler die das Spiel in deutsch spielen (die meisten jedenfalls) und die keine Lust haben die englischen Patchnotizen mit einem Wörterbuch in der hand zu übersetzen.
nur weil man zu bequem ist etwas englisch zu lesen

Nicht gleich ausfällig werden. Er wollte sicherlich niemandem ans Bein pissen.
Aber deine Aussage ist schon derb nahe an nem persönlichen Angriff...
nur weil man zu bequem ist etwas englisch zu lesen

Nicht gleich ausfällig werden. Er wollte sicherlich niemandem ans Bein pissen.
Aber deine Aussage ist schon derb nahe an nem persönlichen Angriff...
Weils mir ehrlich gesagt aufn Geist geht, das jedesmal, wenn jemand schreibt, dass man das auch in Deutsch schreiben/posten könnte, irgendein Schlaumeier mit dem Spruch kommt "Lern Englsich" oder ähnliches...
Sorry, aber wenn ich des englischen so mächtig wäre, dass ich solche Patchnotes OHNE Probleme mal eben runterlesen und verstehen könnte, würd ich WAR auf Englisch spielen und mich in englischen/amerikanischen Foren rumtreiben...
Dies hier ist n Forum für die deutschen Fans udn wenn jemand son 4 Seiten englischen Text hier postet, kann er sich auch gefallen lassen, dass man ihm sagt, dass er den auch in deutsch hätte posten können udn dann muss man sich nicht an Kopp werfen lassen, dass "N büschn Englisch niemanden schadet"!
Man könnte es aber auch selber übersetzen bevor man jemanden ans bein pisst und wäre ich nicht unter Zeitdruck würde ich jetzt glatt anfangen.
Weils mir ehrlich gesagt aufn Geist geht, das jedesmal, wenn jemand schreibt, dass man das auch in Deutsch schreiben/posten könnte, irgendein Schlaumeier mit dem Spruch kommt "Lern Englsich" oder ähnliches...
Sorry, aber wenn ich des englischen so mächtig wäre, dass ich solche Patchnotes OHNE Probleme mal eben runterlesen und verstehen könnte, würd ich WAR auf Englisch spielen und mich in englischen/amerikanischen Foren rumtreiben...
Dies hier ist n Forum für die deutschen Fans udn wenn jemand son 4 Seiten englischen Text hier postet, kann er sich auch gefallen lassen, dass man ihm sagt, dass er den auch in deutsch hätte posten können udn dann muss man sich nicht an Kopp werfen lassen, dass "N büschn Englisch niemanden schadet"!

Der werte Herr erwarten also, dass sich jemand hinsetzt und für ihn vier Seiten übersetzt? Deutsche Übersetzung wird es von GOA ne Weile noch nicht geben, weil es ja erst Testserver Patchnotizen sind und wir keinen Testserver haben. Ich lese sie dann lieber auf Englisch als garnicht. Wenn man zu faul ist hat man in diesem Fall eben einfach Pech gehabt. Life sucks.
Möchte zwischen dem ganzen angepisse nur kurz reinwerfen, daß ich mit meiner ersten Aussage oben gemeint habe, daß es schon drei andere Themen gibt, wo die Patch notes drin vorkommen. Deshalb gibt es keinen Grund, extra noch ein Thema damit zu eröffnen!

Ich habe null Probleme mit Englisch...

So und nun ist der Ring wieder eröffnet!
(oder auch nicht)
Pff.. wer aufmerksam meine Postings gelesen hat, der hat auch mitbekommen, worum es mir eigentlich geht und nicht darum, dass ich kein Englisch kann...
Total Offtopic aber muss ich auch mal meinen senf dazugeben:

Ich lese mir die Patchnotes auch in English durch ohne große Schwierigkeiten, allerdings finde ich die deutschen 'Patchnotes' dann doch besser da nicht so anstrengend zu lesen.

Grundsätzlich finde ich es sowieso eine Unart momentan alles zu verenglischen ... Werbeslogans, Umgangssprache, usw ... ich meine Englisch schön und gut aber muss man es mit Gewalt für alles benutzen?

Und dann doch noch Ontopic:

Alles gute Verbesserungen die man da lesen kann und freue mich schon drauf, allerdings sehe ich nirgendwas was zu den Performancefressenden Zaubereffekten. Wird daran was gemacht?
Denn seit 1.0.6 hab ich alle Zaubereffekte aus, weil so viele dazugekommen sind, die das Spiel von 30-40 FPS auf 1920x1200 auf einfach mal 2-5 FPS einbrechen lassen. Solche effekte gabs vor 1.0.6 bei einigen Wenigen zwar auch aber da war es noch zu verschmerzen aber die neuen geben RvR den Rest bei mir.

MfG Michael
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