Right Side of the Front


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In der 12., kennen bestimmt einige, "darf" man eine Facharbeit schreiben, um seinen Abischnitt zu verbessern. Ein Kumpel und ich dachten uns, eine FA in Englisch wäre das Richtige, und so berieten wir uns mit unserer Englischlehrerin, was wir denn machen könnten. Ihr kam die Idee, eine Fortsetzung einer anderen FA zu schreiben, die vor vier Jahren jemand in ihrem LK geschrieben hätte. Damals gab es grobe Vorraussetzungen wie die Charaktere, das Setting und ein klitzekleiner grober Faden. Kurz zusammengefasst: Ein paar fantastische Wesen, geschickt vom guten Königreich Slinsil, schlichen sich in das verfeindete Königreich Kraznir und stehlen Pläne für den Angriff auf Slinsil. Wir waren damals sofort begeistert und nahmen das Thema dankbar an (besser als irgendwelche Lach-, nein, Sachgeschichten über Edgar Allan Poe etc.) Lange haben wir dran gesessen, unsere Terasse beschlagnahmt, viele Kannen Kaffee getrunken, leo.org schamlos ausgenutzt, noch mehr Kaffee getrunken, und getippt wie die Weltmeister. Irgendwie finde ich, dass es schade ist, dass die FA außer meinen und seinen Eltern, englischsprachigen Freunden zum Korrekturlesen und unserer Englischlehrerin niemand gelesen hat. Deswegen hab ich gedacht, post ich sie mal hier. Wir wissen, dass einiges an der Hintergrundstory geklaut ist, ich war damals einfach völlig fasziniert von FF10 und mein Kumpel war im WoW-Fieber. Doch abgesehen von ein paar Hintergrundinformationen ist alles aus unserer Feder, deswegen sicherlich auch nicht Rechtschreib- und Grammatikfehler-frei, doch es gab 12 Punkte, also kann es ja nicht sooooo schlecht sein
Dieser Inhalt steht nur eingeloggten Mitgliedern zur Verfügung.
Auch wissen wir, dass das Ende etwas abgewürgt ist, aber wir durften ja nichts in die Länge ziehen und hatten ein "Oberlimit" an Seiten, welches, als wir mal in Fahrt waren, ziemlich schnell erreicht wurde. Falls also jemand die Muße hat, sich die englische Geschichte hier durchzulesen, ich würde mich über Kommentare sicherlich freuen ^^

Right Side of the Front

“It starts”, Inredhel said to Saruffen, her only contact to her own people. At the moment, she was in a foreign country, under foreign people, just to find out whether they needed help in the war – Slinsil. It was a country whose king was a very good friend of her father Irthadan, who lived in Bevelle, capital of the elvish country. In fact, Inredhel wasn’t a normal elf. She was one of the famous elvish summenors, who had chosen to fight against the evil. They could adjure creatures, called Aeons, protectors of Bevelle and the temples in the whole country, in which everyone who wanted to become a summenor had to master the Halls of Examination. Then the summenor came to the Hall of Faith, where he or she prayed to the Gods. If the person succeeded, he or she was a summenor then and could adjure one creature – the creature living in this temple. The summenors travelled through the whole country to reach the temples where they got the might to adjure another creature. Irthadan, Inredhel’s father, was against the wishes of his daughter, but she carried her point and became a summenor, famous in the whole country. But at this time, she wasn’t a summenor, but a spy of her country, sent to find out if Slinsil needed the elves’ help in the war against Kraznir. When she came here, she coined a story about a foreign country, destroyed by the Kraznirian people. King Carmindur accepted her with open arms and she could live like the other women – cooking, washing clothes and things like that.

Now, Inredhel stood up from her chair and listened hardly to the footsteps she heared many miles away. The senses of elves, especially of summenors, were edged, not like the senses of humans. “You look kind of funny, standing there strained and staring at the wall”, Saruffen said and started laughing. “Oh, Saruffen, can’t you be serious one time?”, she asked him, but a smile appeared on her face. Yes, it has to be funny, in the middle of one of the bigger rooms in Bikanel, capital of Slinsil. It was a very special city: Built on a mountain, the castle of Slinsil’s king was in the middle, surrounded only by a few houses. The real city was in the mountain. There were many stairs and tunnels, and many big rooms for the habitants. Many magicians had built this city, and succeeded in conjuring up a circulation of air and a light in the rooms that looked like sunlight. Inredhel continued listening and appreciated the time the creatures, from which the footsteps came needed, until they would arrive at Bikanel. “Well, I think, at most 15 hours and they arrive”, she said and looked to the small hobbit who was sitting at the door. “Go to the King and tell him that they’re coming!”, she ordered the hobbit. “And no word about me! Just say you felt them coming or something like that.”

The little Hobbit ran as fast as he had never run in his life before and arrived at the King’s Castle in a very short time. “Lord Carmindur, King of the Slinsil I have some bad news, I had a horrible nightmare last night.” “Calm down little man and talk to me”, Carmindur said with a discreet smile in his face. After having taken a deep breath the little Hobbit started telling his story: “ In my dream I saw a brutal, bloodthirsty and deathly army, I am sure it was the army of Kraznir on their way to Slinsil bringing fear, death and destruction” the Hobbit said with wide opened eyes. At this moment the King’s smile froze and he said: ”So the plan’s content, which was found in Kraznir’s castle is true, leave me alone now I have to think about what to do now”. “I am the world’s best actor, Inredhel will be very proud of me” the Hobbit thought and jumped singing away back to the accommodation. “Did you inform the King, and did he believe in you?” “For sure he did, Inredhel” the Hobbit very proudly said.

“Ok the way I see it we are not in great danger. If my senses do not trick on me, and until now they never did, there are only a few men on their way to Slinsil, our army should not have any problems to defeat them. Saruffen, I want you now to deliver this notice to our King Irthadan, I have to notify him about the situation here and that there is no further reinforcement needed”.

Saruffen just nodded. “Of course, Inredhel. Abide me back in about 8 or 9 days”, he said and disappeared from the accommodation. “You can go now, too”, Inredhel told to the Hobbit, who left the room immediately. Now she was alone again. She went to her wardrobe-like alcove in the wall, which was separated from the rest of the room by dint of a curtain made by her mother. In this alcove was her armour, made of iron from her country, hard as stone but flimsy as a feather. Fast she put on that armour and grabbed at her belt which held her sword. Before she left the room finally, too, she took her wand from under her bed, nearly as tall as her. On this wand, an orb, big as a fist, was attached magically. With this wand she could call her Aeons, helpful in many bygone fights. Equipped with this arming she went fast to one of the gates of Bikanel. On her way she met Lord Carmindur. “Why are you armoured so much?”, he asked her. “Mylord, I saw the little Hobbit on my circuit through the city, and he told me about his dream. Well, I think, he’s right, so I chose to fight, too.” “Inredhel, I know, you are a very good guard, but do you really think that you are strong enough to fight against Kraznir?” “Of course, mylord! When I was a child, my aunt and uncle were excellent warriors. In our country women were allowed to fight, too. Well… When our country existed.” “And they showed you how to fight?” “Yes. And I’m willing to risk my life to save the city where I was accepted so fast.” “Well then, Inredhel, I have no other choice than to allow you to fight, your will is too strong.” With this words he went away, probably to inform the other warriors of Bikanel.

When Inredhel arrived at the gate, almost 100 men were there, willing to give their lives for their country. Inredhel was able to surge through the crowd and reached Milag, the leader of this group of the army. He wasn’t delighted to see her, because she declined his proposal three months ago. They had tried to remain friends, but they hadn’t been successful. The last time they had talked to each other was a month ago. But now, Inredhel was glad to see him, he always protected her in his special way when it came to a fight. “How are you?”, she asked him with a low voice, but coherent. He nodded, before he answered: “It would be better if you’d married me”, he mumbled. With a disappointed face he turned his horse to one of his men and told him something. This man went away and came back with a beautiful white horse which he directed to Inredhel. Without a word he disappeared again and she boarded the horse thankfully. Now she turned her head towards Kraznir for the first time. Strained she stared into the distance, and finally she noticed what she was waiting for. Dust. Dust of foot- and horse steps. Her face clouded. Kraznir’s army was coming fast. Too fast for her taste, but it was as small as she thought. This fact allayed her.

“Soldiers of Slinsil, you can see there are only a couple of men attacking our country. I don’t know what they want here; they must be weary of life. The only thing I know is that I want you to defeat them. Nobody has the right to violate our honesty, kick these dirty orcs out of our peaceful land. And now – GO!”, Milag shouted to his army and they started to ride – or walk – towards the village almost one mile away from Bikanel, the village that Kraznir was about to attack first. At least this was written in the plans. After a few minutes they arrived there.

When Inredhel saw the orcs coming closer and closer she was suddenly totally terrified. She didn’t know from where this fear came because she was an experienced fighter and normally some stupid orcs didn’t alarm her. But by closing her eyes she found the reason for her unrest. In some kind of vision she saw horrible things: Burning houses, screaming children searching desperately for their parents. Destruction everywhere, blood and death.

Back to reality she couldn’t believe what she had seen. Milag was surrounded by some orcs. In a short moment of carelessness one of the orcs was able to throw Milag down. “Noooooooooooooooo” Inredhel brawled. As fast as she could she made her way through the orcs. In split of seconds she defeated one orc by another. The way she moved her body was amazing, it seemed as if Inredhel and her blades fused to one. One of the orcs striked out when Inredhel was only one heartbeat away from Milag and hits the bull’s eye, Milag’s head.

“Bastards” Inredhel yelled and slaughtered the last living orcs.

“You must…….inform…the King, something is going on there…..oh Inredhel…..”, Milag said and closed his eyes forever.

At the same time in Castle Krill, Saruffen arrived at the King’s throne. He bowed in front of the King. “My honoured Majesty, I have an important message from Slinsil for you. The elvish brat thinks that everything takes course of our faked plans they stole. Slinsil’s army is almost totally gone to the villages, because they still believe that we first want to eliminate the villages and then attack the city. Bikanel is only protected by a few soldiers and it won’t be a problem for our huge army of orcs”, he said and looked up to King Krill, who laughed loudly with a face as cold as ice. “Very good, Saruffen. You will receive a great honour. Drafnur, the previous leader of our army has unfortunately died. Well, he wasn’t a good leader anyway. The new leader of the army…” He made a pause and Saruffen was shocked. Should he be the next leader? This would make his whole plans break because Inredhel and so Slinsil would get to know his real identity. “YOU will be the leader of our great army, Saruffen!” He stood up and took the helmet of Drafnur. “Our tradition says that the new leader has to wear the helmet of the previous one in his first fight.” Saruffen, white as chalk, straightened up and nodded. “I won’t disappoint you, I promise”, he said and Krill attached the helmet on Saruffen’s head.

“But, my Majesty…” Krill looked evilly at Saruffen. “Is there any problem?”, he asked. “Yes, my Majesty. There is no chance to get into Bikanel in a normal way. There are soldiers all around the city.” Some red spots appeared in Krill’s face, a sign that he got really angry. He took a deep breath and growled eerily. His hand was formed to a fist so Saruffen thought this would be his end. “No, no, my Majesty! There is no reason to worry! I informed myself in the time I had to live with the elf in Bikanel I could walk there without being suspicious.” “And now, what do you want to say? Come to a point!” “Well, I walked around the dungeons of Bikanel, too, and made a very great discovery: A very old way to transport prisoners. It leads to a clearance in the wood between our countries. Through this way I can lead the army directly into the city, without being seen by anyone from Slinsil.” “Gorgeous, I knew you would be a better leader than this Drafnur. Now go and attack Bikanel, time is money!” “Yes, my honoured Majesty”, Saruffen said and left the Castle to convene the army which consited of orcs, cyclopes and trolls. When they were assembled, you could see that they were anxious, willing to fight, to kill people. All of them were whispering until Saruffen lifted his hand. The creatures of the night saw Drafnur’s helmet on Saruffen’s head and bowed before their new leader. “Army of Kraznir! Now our great hour has come! Bikanel and so whole Slinsil will be abolished!” Cyclopes, orcs and trolls were screaming, ready for the battle of their lives. A few seconds later Saruffen gave the command to go and started to ride.

As they were riding over the hill, he had time to reflect his life as a child. In his head he saw himself roaming through the woods, dreaming to be a world famous warrior fighting for the good. But in this moment, he didn’t really think that he fought for something good. He just cushioned it and abetted his horse.

Inredhel looked over the battlefield. Yes, they won this episode of the war, but at what price? Slinsil’s army lost their leader and some very young members. Even if she didn’t marry him, she had feelings for Milag, and his death hurt her extremely. After crying her mourning out, she stood up and told some soldiers to inform the villagers that they could return to their homes. She at herself directly went back to Bikanel and into the King’s dining-hall to inform him. “Dear Lord Carmindur, I have bad news for you.” He became pale and looked worried at his only female warrior. “What happened? Did you… Did you lose the battle?” Inredhel shook her head fast and looked down to the marmoreal floor. “No, but… Milag, our leader, has been killed by a few orcs. I killed them and tried to rescue him, but there was no way… Some other men are transporting him with the other victims, about 10, to the city.” A few tears dropped off her face and down at the floor. Lord Carmindur stood up and went to Inredhel to hug her softly. “It’s all right, you did your best. I know he wanted to marry you, so it is a bitter fact that he’s dead now”, he tried to console her, “but we have to find a new leader, it seems hard, but our army needs a competent archon.” Inredhel nodded. “What are you going to do now?”, she asked him. “Well, I think of someone. I know, that this person is very responsible and would be the perfect leader for my army”, he said and stopped for a few seconds. “You, Inredhel, are this person”, he came to a conclusion. Inredhel met him with disbelief. “This can’t be serious!”, she answered. “Of course I’m serious. I don’t make jokes in such times.” “Yes, of course, mylord…” “Are you willing to accept my offer?” “I, well, I mean… Of course”, she spluttered. “Great! I will go and inform the army. It would be the best if you were by my side.” He linked arms with her and they went to the great hall, were the more important people stood around the bodies of the fallen fighters. Inredhel stood next to the King, really nervous. “My great warriors. You all fought really hard and I’m very proud of you all. But alas, our beloved Milag died in this battle. I don’t want to displace him, but I had to choose a new leader even before his funeral because of our war against Kraznir. I hope, you will accept my choice and respect your new leader – Inredhel, the young lady besides me.” Inredhel heard the murmur all through the soldiers, then she began to speak. “I know what you are thinking now. Oh my god she is a woman. Women do not fight! They have to stay at home managing the household and bear children. Only because you are taller and have stronger muscles you think that you are the better warrior. Well….ok if anyone of you thinks that he has the ability to defeat me than he may step forward and show his mettle in a fight with me.” The majority of the soldiers started laughing, only a couple of them who had already seen Inredhel fighting kept silent. A loud murmur sounded in the hall and after a while a very tall and brawny man stepped forward. “I will dash you in peaces, elvish brat. An army under a woman’s leadership?” “I think nobody of us will accept this. In case you should defeat me we will accept the inevitable and follow you!”

In a blink the fight was over. The army could not believe what they saw. With ease Inredhel disarmed the muscleman and knocked him down. “Get lost, idiot….anybody else who wants to challenge me?” A deep silence came up because everybody was impressed by Inredhel’s martial art skills.

One of the men broke the silence after some minutes. “Well. I think we will accept you as our new leader. You’re a very good fighter and it’s the King’s best decision to choose you. Of course we’re also strong, but you are faster and have the better techs.” The others nodded as a sign of agreement. Suddenly the door of the hall flew up and a young boy, maybe 14 years, ran into the hall. “My King! The army of Kraznir is coming through the lost transport way! Some of them already reached the dungeons! We’re fighting, but they’re too much!” Inredhel was shocked, but she saw a chance to show the warriors that she was a good leader. Without letting Carmindur react, she ran to the doors and told the army to follow them. When they came to the dungeons, she felt a very strong aura – Saruffen’s aura. She was very proud of him for defending a foreign country, but as she came nearer, she was apalled. Saruffen wasn’t fighting for Slinsil, but for the other side – Kraznir! He saw her and a cruel grin appeared on his face. Inredhel concentrated on the footsteps she heared and recognized that this wasn’t a small army. At least 8000 creatures, too much for Slinsil to defeat them on it’s own. She commanded the soldiers to fight and ran up to the King’s room. “Lord Carmindur, I have to tell you something”, she started and the King was surprised. “Why aren’t you down in the dungeons, defending Slinsil like all the others?”, he asked. “Mylord, Slinsil is in great danger. I have to ride to Bevelle and contact my father to send his army – My army”, she started and took of her cowl. The elvish, copped ears appeared and the King stared at her stunned. “This cannot be”, he said, “you’re Irthadan’s daughter, the great elvish summenor and leader of the elvish army...” “Yes, mylord, and I have to go to my country!” “Why don’t you send Saruffen?”, he asked without a clue. “I’ve trusted him, but he betrayed me, my father, the elvish country and so he betrayed Slinsil. He isn’t my courier anymore. Saruffen...”, she made a short break, “is the leader of Kraznir’s army...” Carmindur tried to stand up, but he didn’t do it because his whole body was shaking. “Of course, Inredhel, I... Some of our men will escort you to the border of Slinsil. From this point, you have to ride alone. And of course we will give you our best horse, Shadowstorm. You’re supposed to know him. I saw you riding him when the first battle began.” “Yes, mylord. I would like to thankf you for all this. The elvish army, including the summenors, will help you, and beat Kraznir!” With these words she left the room and ran to the big doors, where some soldiers with their horses and Shadowstorm were standing. “Thank you for escorting me, but I think I will ride alone. Bikanel needs you, so please go back to the dungeons and help the others.” “But the King said...” “It’s not important what the King says in times like this. I’m the leader of the army, and I tell you to go back to the dungeons!” Without another word she mounted on Shadowstorm fast, spurred him and he gallopped. Shadowstorm was the fastest horse Inredhel had ever seen and now she knew why the King had given it to him.

When she reached Slinsil’s border, about 150 miles away, in the middle of a really beautiful jungle. Shadowstorm still wasn’t tired. Although she got, she didn’t stop Shadowstorm to rest.

Saruffen looked over the dead Slinsil’s and Kraznir’s, who layed on the ground, and stopped shortly. Where was Inredhel? She wasn’t here fighting, and she wasn’t dead. After a little while of thinking, he found a solution. Without any word to his army, he took his jet black horse, mounted on it and started to ride very fast towards the elvish country. It was the only place Inredhel would go in a situation like this, he knew her too well to forget a fact like that. While he was riding he transformed in a kind of shadow form.

Meanwhile Inredhel decided to take a break in a good protected clearance. She felt safe now. Even if someone tried to follow her, she had a lead over him by reason of Shadowstorm. When she dismounted, she recognized a leathery sack on his side. She took it off and opened it. Copious provisions surfaced and she was really surprised. A leathery bottle with clear water, some bread, a cured trout and even some rare sheep cheese only a few Slinsils were able to produce. She sat down thankfully and began eating and drinking. A small brook leaded through the woods and also through this clearance, so Shadowstorm could drink. The grass was juicy so Shadowstorm could eat his fill.

Inredhel only laid down for a little while, because she knew at the time when she relaxed a lot of men had to die. At the moment she stood up she had the feeling that something powerful very fast came up to her. Instantly Inredhel put her blades out and sharpened her senses. A few moments later she knew that only one person could be this powerful thing, Saruffen. Inredhel did always have an uneasy sense of Saruffen, but funnily enough she did never expect that Saruffen meant ill. “I am such an idiot, how could I trust in him and entrust our military plans to him. Due to my fooling Bikanel will be destroyed and Slinsil’s empire goes down.” she said self-doubted and sank to the ground. In this moment of black despair she suddenly heard a voice from far away: ”Inredhel, my lovely daughter, never forget what I taught you. Even when you are in a hopeless situation, believe in yourself. You know that you are the mightiest woman the world has ever seen. Even though your way of fighting is inimitable you should only use your blades if it’s necessary. And now stand up and stop crying like a little elvish brat.” Thanks to her father Inredhel found new strength and stood up.

She felt that Saruffen was only a few heartbeats away. When she turned around she saw him riding towards her. She breathed deeply and remembered what her father told her. “Inredhel you craven bitch” Saruffen roared. Inredhel was shocked about Saruffen’s outer appearance. He looked very frightening because of his shadow form. When she had seen him some days before she felt that there was still goodness in his heart but now it seemed like that all this was gone. “I’ve been waiting for you, Saruffen” she said self- confident. “Your days are numbered, Inredhel, all Slinsil’s days are numbered. Our army has already succeeded in invading Bikanel, it’s only a matter of time until we will break through the last circle of defence and destroy your manky town”, Saruffen said and spat on the floor.” Can you hear the children’s cries? Can you smell the blood? Can you feel the people’s desperation? But don’t worry, very soon there will be silence. At this moment thousands of people are fighting for their lives, women, men, brothers, sisters and what are you doing? You are hiding in a wood? How craven can a woman be?” he said despising. “Hiding? Never!” “Enough of chatter, let’s bring it to termination” Saruffen yelled and launched into Inredhel.

Inredhel screamed appalled and unsheathed her sword. When Saruffen was near enough, she countered his sword-strokes and tried to defend herself. Suddenly he murmured something and lots of shadows surrounded her. “Now it’s enough!”, she fizzed and moved some steps backward. Her sword transformed to a bar when she spoke some elvish words. Then she continued whispering and rocked her bar in a special way. Saruffen laughed loudly. “What are you doing? Are you thinking your bar can help you know?” Some time nothing happened, but Saruffen wasn’t sure if she was adjuring a shield around herself so he didn’t attack her. At one moment a loud noise came from above and Saruffen turned his head to where this came from. A huge, birdlike creature nosedived to stop just a few meters over the floor. It flew to Inredhel, who fondled his neck and whispered something in its ear, whereupon it placed itself to protect Inredhel and fought against Saruffen. “What is this?”, he asked surprised and sent his shadows to the creature. “There is one thing you don’t know, Saruffen”, Inredhel said and looked in his eyes. “Bikanel has a temple and I was there a few days before the war began. I made it through the Halls of Examination and as you see I succeeded in getting a new Aeon – Ixion, Guardian of Lightning and Thunder!” Saruffen didn’t know what to do and hesitated some moments. This was enough time for Ixion to attack Saruffen’s shadows with a big lightning. The shadows were dazzled and backtracked. “Saruffen! Come to your senses! I know that you’re not evil in the inside! Remember what we’re fighing for!” Ixion created a very loud thunder which irritated the shadows. When the thunder started, Saruffen saw himself as a child, standing crying in front of his father. “Saruffen, you are useless!”, his father said to his 8-year-old son. “Why aren’t you like me? In your age I started to learn how to fight, I learned how to be a great warrior, fighting for the right side of the front!” Saruffen looked down and his tears fell down zo the bottom. “I hate you”, he whispered. “What did you say?”, his father yelled and took Saruffens shoulders to shake him. Saruffen looked up and an anger that he never felt before filled his mind. “I hate you!”, he screamed, “and I’ll never be like you!”

The thunder stopped. Saruffen was really confused. Wasn’t he like his father now, filled with hate and darkness? He chased away the thoughts and concentrated on the fight. “Well, if you don’t want to addict, it’s your death sentence!” Inredhel wasn’t afraid anymore, because she new that Ixion would protect her and was very strong. Saruffen created a mysterious fog around Ixion, which was frightened suddenly. “Ixion, don’t care about his shadow magic! You know that you can win this fight!” Ixion shook his head and flew a few meters up to a point where no fog was seen. Again it created the loud thunder. “Saruffen, open your eyes! It’s not the right side of the front!”

“Choose the right side of the front, you useless little fool!”, his father told him again and again, almost every day. After a while he started to believe he was useless, began to learn fighting and went to a very famous shadow priest to be taught. When he was 16, he finished his training and he got stronger and stronger. But still he didn’t want to be like his father. When he came home, a terrible picture awaited him: the whole village was burning, their house couldn’t be rescued anymore. And in the middle of all this chaos stood Saruffen’s father, laughing cruelly.

Saruffen was shaken to the core by the terrible sight he

beheld. Even he knew that his father was down-and-dirty he did never expect his father being capable of doing such harm. In this moment he felt concentrated hate for the first time in his life and only therefore he had the ability to transform in shadow form, which gave him ultimate strength. Unfortunately he could not think straight while being transformed and thus he was totally enraged and killed his father. When he awoke from this nightmare he ran confused away by reason of his foul deed. Without knowing his identity and without sense of time he strayed through the woods until he sank to the floor and passed out.

There he was lying between leaves and moss until he was found by some orcish scouts who brought him to Lord Krill due to he exuded something very powerful. Lord Krillt over praised his scouts for bringing him Saruffen. He was impressed by Saruffen’s view. A young unskilled boy with an excellent physique made for fighting. Furthermore he was fraught with anger, exactly what Krillt needed. With this boy’s help he would be able to make his dream come true, to annihilate Slinsil.

“Saruffen, what’s going on with you?” Inredhel asked puzzled. It was a comical situation because Saruffen just stood in front of Inredhel and stared into the space. ”Saruffen my sweetheart, do you know what your name stands for?” his mother asked him. “No mom, I haven’t any idea.” This name comes from an ancient language which hasn’t been spoken anymore for a long long time. “Sar” means as much as hope and “uffen” means something like light or warmth. This was the last time he saw his mother.

“If my mother knew to what I’ve become she would be gutted. I cannot believe what has happened to me. I did never want to be a murderer” he said in a distressed manner to Inredhel. “I think I can help you, Saruffen but only if you believe in me.” Saruffen hesitated but at last he agreed with Inredhel. She came up to Saruffen and touched his chest. She gathered herself and used of all her power to suck all bad elements out of Saruffen’s heart.

It lasted some minutes to end this spell, but finally Inredhel did it. “Saruffen?”, she asked shyly because she didn’t know if he really was proselityzed. “Inredhel...” She knew Saruffen was weak at the moment, so she decided to rest a little longer. Totally worried she helped him to sit down and retrieved the leathery bottle with water and some bread and fish she still wanted to bring to Saruffen. “You have to drink and eat something to regain you strength”, she said gently. Saruffen took the bottle thankfully, drank something and then started to eat the bread and the fish. “It’s delicious”, he mumbled and grinned weakly. “Hush, don’t speak”, Inredhel said affectionately and smiled a bit. When he was finished, he wanted to stand up, but Inredhel gently pressed him back down onto the floor. He muttered some baffling words and Inredhel started to laugh, whereupon Saruffen acknowledged her with a nasty look. “Don’t laugh at me in this way”, he spitted, but when Inredhel continued laughing he just had to laugh with her.

” It’s wonderful to have you back, Saru but nevertheless we are running out of time and if we don’t hurry up Bikanel and the rest of Slinsil will be destroyed.

We need to arrive Bevelle, the capital of my home country and inform my father that Slinsil is in great danger and needs support. We have no time to lose, let’s go” And so they mounted their horses and rode away.

“There is something I’ve forgot to tell you, if we want get to Bevelle we must cross the Southern Plaquelands, it’s the only way. “Southern Plaguelands? Sounds very spooky, what has happened to this country?” It’s a horrible and risky territory. You won’t find there any living human being or something like that. No trees, lakes or animals, nothing. Most people who crossed this place were never seen again. As if this wouldn’t be bad enough many undeads and other beastly creatures live there. My father calls this place the Hell on Earth and I think he is definitely right. In this land only death holds sway” she said with shudder in her face. “I always wanted to go on an epic voyage. But there is no reason to be worried, together we will do this.” Half an Hour later they noticed that the environment became darker and darker and suddenly they were befogged. In addition to this fog there was an offensive smell of rot. From afar they could hear terrible noises. “They know that we are here, we should better rush if we want to get out of here alive. As long as we follow this way we should be save. And you should better take this.” Inredhel gave a vial to Saruffen which was filled with a glaring liquid. Lord Carmindur gave it to me and told me to use itwhen I’m in great danger. This liquid contains blood of unicorns and therefore it keeps the ill away. “God bless the unicorns, it’s a pity that they died out.”

Thanks to the liquid they were able to leave the Soutern Plaguelands behind and finally arrived Bevelle’s city walls.

Directly the doors were opened fast and almost faster closed behind them. About 10 young elves came to greet her, their faces full of alleviation. “Inrhedel, I’m so glad to see you, the King really was worried because he didn’t get a message from you!” He came up to her and gave her a caressing kiss. Saruffen looked at him jealously, but didn’t say anything. “Berethlorn, I rejoice to see you again, too”, Inredhel answered and smiled at him affectionately. Then she turned around to Saruffen. “Saru, this is my fiancé Berethlorn, my partner in leading the elvish army.” Saruffen nodded bearishly and looked at Inredhel, waiting for her to continue talking. “Please wait here, while we’re talking to my father. You’ll be conducted to a room where you can rest a bit until we’re finished.” First Saruffen wanted to controvert, but he saw that it wouldn’t make any sense and so he just nodded again and leaned against the wall of a house which stood behind him. Berethlorn linked arms with Inredhel and they walked talking and joking to the palace. Inredhel went in first and looked around. Nothing had changed and she felt home immediately. “Well... Why didn’t you send this night elf to us? We thought you would inform us when something changes in Slinsil”, he started when they were alone. “Well... everything was much too stressful so I couldn’t send him, everyone was much-needed in Bikanel. But we have to travel to Slinsil, Kraznir’s army will just blow away Bikanel when nobody comes to help them.” Berethlorn’s smiling face suddenly was stony-faced. “Of course, we will help Slinsil”, he answered, “but first we’ll go to your father. He’s full of worry and it’ll take a load off his mind if he sees you again”, he added and a smile returned to his face again. When they reached the King’s room, Inredhel turned to Berethlorn. “Please wait here, I want to talk to my father privately.” Her fiancé nodded and left the anteroom. Inredhel knocked at the door and waited for the “Come in!” she heard after some seconds. Slowly she opened the door and went in smiling. “Inredhel!”, her father said, stood up and gave her a cordial hug. “I’m so, so happy to see you again finally!” Inredhel was happy to see her father again and she was really beaming with joy. “I thought I’d never see you again”, her father mumbled and they went to a small desk with two chairs. Irthadan told the guards to leave the room and looked at his daughter contentedly. “How is Lord Carmindur doing in Slinsil? Will they defeat Kraznir?”, he asked. “Well... That’s the reason why I’m here”, she answered sighing. Questioningly he looked at her. “Kraznir will defeat Slinsil easily if we don’t help them, and... I’m not sure if we can make this alone... Maybe... You said something about a last resort...” She made a break. At this moment you could have heard a pin drop. Irthadan shook his head. “No, we can’t do this! Are you crazy? They could disagree and then... You know what would happen!” Inrhedel nodded. “But we have to try!”, she dissented. “Either they will cooperate with us or massacre us, or we don’t ask them and will be massacred by the Kraznirs!” “You don’t know how cruel they can be...” “I know it... But we have to try it, do you really believe they can be more atrocious than all the creatures of Kraznir?”, she asked him furiously. “Those I have seen can’t be worse. It’s the only way to defeat Kraznir!” Finally Irthadan had to give up. He couldn’t win this discussion. “Well... Then we will ask them... Ask the dwarfs...” Again it was too quiet to be normal. “But first you will eat with us. Berethlorn is really glad to have you here again, I know this, even if he’s worried if you can beat Kraznir.” Inredhel nodded, she knew it was aimless to controvert now. “Can Saruffen eat with us?”, she asked. “Of course, he is as welcome as any other person who comes along with you.” They stood up and left the room to go into the dining room, where Berethlorn and Saruffen already waited for them. Again Berethlorn went to Inredhel and gave her an impassionate kiss. If looks could kill, her fiancé would be dead now, because Saruffen looked at him really wrathfully. As soon as they sat on their chairs at the really beautifull layed table, two servants came in and asked what they’d wish to drink. All of them agreed to drink the best whine of the elvish country. “Why aren’t they asking what we’d like to eat?”, Inredhel asked her father. “Because we will eat your favorite dish of course”, he answered smiling.

Saru and Inredhel gorged, it must have been a long time ago since they had eaten such a delicious food. Berethlorn, Irthadan and the other ones were amazed at this view. It was bad manners to eat like a pig. Indeed, everyone was happy to have her back and therefore they kept still.” Inredhel don’t you want to introduce this nice young man to me who has come along with you?” Inredhel choked on her own spit: “This is Saruffen, Saruffen, Irthadan, my father. “Nice to meet you Saruffen it’s a pleasure.” “This pleasure is mutual” Saruffen smiled. When Inredhel had enough she stood up and said: ”Father, we are running out of time we need to start a major offensive otherwise it will be too late. Slinsil needs us NOW.” Irthadan nodded and said. “You are right Inredhel, it’s in my interest too to save Slinsil from Kraznir’s army but our army is not strong enough. That’s the reason why we need the support of the dwarfs. And at the same time it won’t be easy to win them over. A long time ago we had some trouble with their leader King Ironfist. As you know dwarfs love alcohol, especially beer. Ironfist wanted us to give him 500 barrels of our world-famous beer for his 500th birthday, for free. As much as I like him I would never give him such valuable goods for free.” Irthadan said in distressed manner. “I told him that I would sell it to him for a good price, but he just wanted me to give it to him for free. And so he characterized me as a money-mad idiot. Since this day we never talked again and Bevelle lost an important alliance partner. “Are you crazy? What’s going on with you? Only because of some barrels you’ve made so much trouble? Don’t you remember what they’ve done for us? It’s due to the dwarfs that Bevelle still exists today. Everything they wanted was some beer and you were too stingy to give it them as a gift. And only because of your stinginess Slinsil will go down.” Again Inredhel was totally appalled. “Calm down, Inredhel I must confess that I didn’t act really wise but our situation is not viewless and I’m sure we can find a way to re-establish our relationship to the dwarfs.”

“Well, I think we have to find a solution for this problem... A bigger gift than 500 barrels of beer. Does Ironfist still live?”, Inredhel asked. “Yes, of course. It was only 32 years ago when I declined his request.” “Well, then he’s 532 now. When we bestow him his years times two in barrels, do you think the dwarfs will help us?” “Of course, but... This would mean you want to give them 1064 barrels of beer!” “Yes. Do we have so much beer?” “Of course, we have tens of thousands barrels in the whole country!” “You cheapskate”, Inredhel mumbled and grinned. “And 500 barrels would have been a deficit for you?”, she asked jestingly. “I have to own up that I really was a bit stingy... but only a very small touch!” Saruffen, Berethlorn and Inredhel started to laugh and Berethlorn choked on a bite of his chicken drumstick. Saruffen made no attempts to help him, but Inredhel stood up at the same time as three other elves. The first who was there was Inredhel who took care of him so he got okay soon again. He gave a malicious smirk out of schadenfreude towards him. When Inredhel sat down again, Saruffen’s face turned immediately and he smiled at her. “Well. Darling, Saruffen, I think we three will take care of the beer”, she suggested.

“We need to call on the depot master.” Berethlorn and Saruffen stood up directly and followed Inredhel to the outside of the palace. They went to the hindmost quarter of Bevelle where the gigantic depot was located. There, they were welcomed by the depot master who directed them to the huge beer depot. Irthadan was not lying when he told them about the tens of thousands barrels – They had the feeling that these were considerable more. “Sir, I want you and your workers to make a delivery of 1064 barrels of beer. IMMEDIATELY!”, she ordered. The depot master looked at her confusedly but then he just said “Why certainly!” and disappeared for a moment. When he came back, a hundred of elves were with him who got vexed by their master. Inredhel nodded and the three of them left the depot to go to Irthadan again. He stood at a very old portal and mumbled some spells. “What are you doing, father?”, Inredhel asked him.

“This portal is the only way to arrive Slinsil in time. It leads directly to Bikanel. Afoot it would last too long.” “Gorgeous, why did you never tell me of this portal?” “It’s very dangerous to open this portal. While it’s opened, Bevelle can be reached by everyone – good or evil. So we’re not prepared if anyone wants to attack our beloved city. The last time it was open, we averted disaster.” “Okay, I understand. Is there a portal to Gandûl?” “Yes, but I’m not sure if they allow us to open it.” He continued speaking his spells and suddenly the portal started to shine bluish. “I will try to open the elvish-dwarvish portal, follow me”, he said and they went to another portal. After some minutes he smiled. “It seems to work, maybe Ironfist isn’t as angry with me as I thought.” This portal started to shine to, but greenish. They fetched the carriages with the barrels and Inredhel stood in front of the portal. “Take care, this portal leads directly to the dining hall of the dwarves. When I remember, today is Ironfist’s 532th birthday so it’s supposable that they’re celebrating.” Inredhel looked around and her eyes stopped when she saw Berethlorn. “Please, can you go there first to see if they’re pacific?” Berethlorn came a bit nearer. “No way. If they aren’t, they will kill me?” Inredhel went to him and laid her hands on his shoulders. “Do you love me or not?”, she asked whispering and kicked his butt, so he stumbled into the portal. A few moments there was silence, but Inredhel was too impatient so she just gave the coachmen the sign to follow her through the portal. Berethlorn stood there, laughing and talking with a dwarf who had to be Ironfist. When they came in, Berethlorn started to sing “Happy Birthday!” Behind her, suddenly the carriages, bursting at the seams caused by the barrels, appeared and Ironfist looked really surprised. “You elves are always good for a surprise!”, he said laughing and stood up. “How much barrels do you bring me, daughter of Irthadan?”, he asked Inredhel. “1064, because it’s 532 times two, your age now!”, she said smiling. The other dwarves stared at the beer and Inredhel wide-eyed and disbelieving. “I’m coming on behalf of my fahter apoligizing for his bad behaviour towards you. I must admit that it was realy very disrespectful not to obey your wish of beer and therefore I present a large amount of our world-famous beer brewed witch was brewed with only and exclusive for you.” “Brilliant, just brilliant! Can I taste it?” Without waiting for an answer he grabbed the first barrel and made it up to drink something out of it. “Well, it’s really the best beer ever!”, he bawled and all of the dwarves started celebrating again. After a few minutes the total chaos was there and all of the dwarves were drinking their beer. Inredhel stopped the goings by whistling really loud. All of them were calm suddenly.

“Why aren’t you celebrating with us?”, Ironfist asked in confusion. “Bringing you the beer for you birthday wasn’t the only reason why we’re here. We need your help. Slinsil is in a war with Kraznir at the moment and they’re lost if we don’t help them. But our army is too small to defeat them, so also Bevelle is in danger and so is Gandûr.” “Of course”, Ironfist mumbled and started to laugh then. “A battle for my birthday? Great, let’s slaughter some orcs!!!”, he yelled then and all of the dwarfs started to bawl excitedly. “But I have to warn you. When we cross the portal to Bikanel, we’re in the middle of the battlefield”, she said and turned around. The leaders of the army crossed the portal and Inredhel unsheathed her sword. After she exclaimed she jumped into the fray.

Suddenly Saruffen took her and shackled her. “What the hell are you doing, Saruffen?”, Inredhel screamed. “Just trust me!” He dragged her to a hidden way. As soon as they arrived at the clearance, they were alone and Saruffen unshackled her only to enchain her again when they came to Castle Krill. They were admitted and went to Krill’s room. “My Majesty, I made a captive.” He hustled Inredhel so she fell down on the floor. “Inredhel, princess of the elvish country and leader of their army”, she heard Saruffen saying and laughing evilly. Suddenly she noticed that her bonds were not as tight as she thought and so she could free herself. Krill didn’t recognize her because he was distracted by Saruffen. With a loud scream she jumped up and lanced her sword into the middle of Krill’s heart. “Traitor”, he fizzled and fell down on the ground.

Saruffen and Inredhel ran into and kissed each other. After that, Saruffen turned around and took Inredhels hand. They ran out of the castle as fast as they could, on their way to Bikanel. When they came there, they were surprised: All of the orcs were pacific now and tried to flee, but they were slaughtered by angry Slinsils, Elves and Dwarves. “It’s over”, Inredhel said to Saruffen happily and saw Berethlorn coming up to her. He wanted to kiss her, but Inredhel pushed him away gently. “Berethlorn... In this war I recognized that I love another man... Saruffen.”

Three months later Irthadan walked down the aisle with his daughter to issue his blessing to Saruffen and Inredhel. They were happier than ever in their lives, not only caused by their marriage, but also by the pregnance of Inredhel.

One day later, they sat on a meadow and looked at the sunset. “I’m so happy that I took the right choice. Berethlorn wouldn’t have been the right one for me.” Saruffen nodded. “But I really disappointed you and you just forgave me.” “Saru, darling, it’s the past. I always saw a good person in you, not the one who betrayed me. I had to assert that Berethlorn was betraying me with another summenor when I was in Slinsil. Maybe he’ll get happy with her like I’m happy with you...”



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