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Nightly Restart – Adventuring Class Ability Changes March / 08 / 2007

Game Update #1 is now live!

This update is larger than most patches and is a great opportunity to read the patch notes as we’ve added quite a few things!

Please Read: With Game Update #1 Customer Support now has an upgraded petition system to better assist players. As a result of the changes made to the petition system all open petitions have been closed. If you still have an issue that you need assistance with please re-petition the issue when you log into the game.

For more information about Game Update #1 please visit the Game Updates Page and read the patch notes below!

The following ability changes have gone live with today’s daily restarts:


- All Classes
- Some attacks remain direct attacks. These are intended to be lower in damage, but have alternate uses and should be less expensive overall. These debuff, buff and are not intended to be used to be a main source of damage.
- Players can now learn new abilities by observing their enemies.
- Cleric
- Your finishing moves now all cost 10 endurance
- Maul of the Gods and Maul of Divinity now use a percentage of weapon damage instead of being direct attacks.
- Dread Knight |
- Increased the damage of Dark Bastion, Incite, Inflame, Shield of Fear, and Scourge.
- Scythe of Doom now drains for 100% of the damage it deals
- Increased the damage of Falling Petal, White Lotus Strike, Soul Cutter and Lao’Jin Burst
- Monk
- Counter attacks are now cost free
- Many finishing attacks were more costly than intended. Endurance costs have been lowered.
- Many attacks have been converted over to use weapon damage directly, either flat or percent based. This will increase over all damage and give better returns when upgrading weapons and increasing strength. Affected attacks are:
- Ashen Hand
- Crescent Kick
- Dragon's Rage
- Sundering Dragon Claw
- Fists of Transcendence
- Legendary Fists
- Flying Kick
- Kick of the Heavens
- Thousand Fists
- Three Finger Strike
- Thundering Fists
- Deadly Adder Hand
- Celestial Kick of the Master
- Withering Palm
- Stinging Backfist
- Steal the Wind
- Quivering Palm
- Paladin
- Stroke of Conviction now progresses differently to provide a more steady progression of hate. The new levels are: 20, 28, 36, 44, 50
- Maul of Valus has been added to trainers starting at level 18. This is a new line of finishing attacks that follows Hammer of Valus.
- Stroke of Fervor has been added to trainers starting at level 30. This is a new line of finishing attacks that follows Stroke of Conviction.
- Holy Strike and Blade of Vol Anari now deal their additional effects to fiendish races as well. Ulvari hunters rejoice!
- Ranger
- Increased the damage of Fleetblade
- Shaman
- Claw of Winter is now a standard attack that uses weapon damage.
- Warrior
- Increased the damage of Smash
- Increased the damage and hate portion of Overwhelm

~The Vanguard Team

Game Update #1 March / 07 / 2007

Game Update #1 is now live!

This update is larger than most patches and is a great opportunity to read the patch notes as we’ve added quite a few things!

Please Read: With Game Update #1 Customer Support now has an upgraded petition system to better assist players. As a result of the changes made to the petition system all open petitions have been closed. If you still have an issue that you need assistance with please re-petition the issue when you log into the game.

For more information about Game Update #1 please visit the Game Updates Page and read the patch notes below!

Additional Notes have been added. These changes went live with Game Update #1 and were unintentionally ommited from the notes. Thank you!

- When you recover your tombstone after a death, instead of the returned experience bringing you to a total no higher than where you died at, you will now receive the full amount of experience stored on the tombstone, even if you've already done some adventuring since you died.
- Experience is now lost (or debt is applied) when you release or are resurrected, instead of at the moment of death.
- You can now gain skill both on success and on failure, instead of only on success. This should make gaining skill with weapons you haven't used before at higher levels significantly easier.
- Dark Elves now start at -8100 faction with Celestine Ward like all other “misunderstood” races instead of -8200
- Abilities which cause damage over time that are not in the same spell line should now stack.
- Melee and Ranged direct attacks have had a bug fixed that was causing them to do around double damage. Direct attacks are one type of melee attack that do not use weapon damage and strength damage directly, the are most often used with abilities that do not have damage as their focus.
- An attribute bonus soft cap bug was recently introduced related to healing and damage bonuses. When a player hit their soft cap their total magnitude was dropping significantly. This issue has been resolved and the damage bonus soft cap is functioning as intended again.
- While levitating far above terrain or water and not attempting to move down, you will now descend twice as fast as you did before. Attempting to move down continues to allow you to get down even faster.
- Some skill buffs that were counting against the available points in a skill pool no longer do so.
- The Halfling racial ability, Shroud of the Vale, will now also make the caster invisible for a fixed duration of 30 seconds.
- The Orc racial ability, Fury of Ghalnn has had its duration changed from the next 5 attacks, to a fixed 7 seconds.
- Refresh timers for NPC snare, stun, and damage over time spells have been increased
- Food items no longer display two icons. The effect has not changed.
- Fix for faction wars. Some NPC abilities were causing NPCs to generate a small amount of hate with nearby allied NPCs, which resulted in those NPCs fighting each other once their primary target was dead or had escaped. This hate is no longer generated, preventing these wars from breaking out.
- PVP deaths will no longer leave you still dead after you release until you log out.
- Enabled the option to release spirit and spawn at altar or bind point on PVP death. Releasing to altar drops a corpse, releasing to bind does not. All other aspects of the rulesets remain the same.
- Player Housing
-The construction site now shows the proper display name of the building being constructed.
- You can now inspect other players construction sites getting basic info about their plot and what they are building.
- Other players can now contribute to a construction site. However, owners still only have the ability to "complete" construction.
- Closing the Create Permission window via the X button will no longer leave the window in a state where it can not be opened again.
- The Travel Journal now will contain an entry for the location of your house.
- Buildings in the construction window now show additional stats such as max fixtures and max chests.
- An indication has to how many upkeep payments you have missed has been added.
- Upkeep Bank coin values will now also show as red text when negative in additional to the negative value.
- When an upkeep payment is missed, you will not receive an additional notification via in game mail.
- Fixed an issue where building construction sites were only visible if you were within 50meters of them.


- Healers
- Large heals now have a significantly greater chance of being interrupted and having cast time delays when hit.
- Cleric, Disciple, Shaman
- Shamans, Clerics and Disciple have had their mitigation effectiveness reduced.
- Disciple, Monk
- Monk and Disciples unarmed damage is treated like a weapon. The unarmed rarity levels have been adjusted to: below level 10 mundane, level 10-19 common, level 20-39 uncommon, level 40-49 rare and level 50 rare+. Rare+ is between rare and ultra-rare strength.
- Monk and Disciple unarmed damage is no longer the equivalent of a weapon with maxed out damage of the corresponding rarity level. It is now more akin to actual item damage progression.
- Warrior, Paladin
- Warriors and Paladin have had a mitigation adjustment moving their mitigation effectiveness closer to Dread Knights.
- Bard
- Bards can no longer throw ranged spears/javelins
- Bard songs should now correctly apply themselves to the bard and his group members, at a minimum, when entering crowded locations such as the Ruins of Vol Tuniel, or the Brownie Storehouse in Tursh.
- Tynen’s snaring components will no longer stack with one another and are now resistable.
- Blood Mage
- Sanguine Focus now grants regeneration, no longer reduces heal effectiveness on the blood mage, and increases mitigation correctly.
- Bloodmage hit point factor has been increased bringing them much closer to the hit point levels of other healer classes. Previously, their hit points were more like those of a pure caster.
- Blood Tribute should now be triggered by all damage spells.
- Blood Tribute now has no refresh time.
- Your forms will no longer refresh every time you gain a blood union point.
- Cleric
- Auto-attack damage and melee special attack damage has been significantly increased.
- The rune portion of Spiritual Guardian now lasts 5 seconds or 1 hit, whichever comes first.
- Disciple
- Auto-attack damage and melee special attack damage has been significantly increased.
- Dread Knight
- Dread Knights can now throw spears/javelins
- Druid
- Druid chains have changed. All finishing moves should now become available after any spell (except phenomena) crits.
- Significantly reduced the refresh time on all finishers.
- Monk
- Aum of the Harmonious Body should now grant upgrades to Deadly Adder Hand at appropriate levels.
- Aum of the Harmonious Body should no longer give incorrect error messages.
- Monk base damage has been slightly increased.
- Necromancer
- Removed some abilities from trainers that were not supposed to be so easy to access.
- Reduced the conversion rate for Life Draught I and II.
- Necromancer chains have changed. All finishing moves should now become available after any spell crits.
- Added a new ability line to Necromancers: “Bone Chill”. Check your trainers!
- Significantly reduced the refresh time on all finishers.
- Paladin
- Aura of Shielding now actually gives you 40% increases hate instead of a fraction of that.
- Strike of Gloriann now costs 10 endurance
- Vothdar’s Mighty Stoke now costs 10 endurance.
- Stroke of Conviction now costs 10 endurance
- The effects of Vothdar’s Mighty Strike now lasts for 5 minutes, up from 40 seconds.
- The effects of Strike of Gloriann now lasts for 5 minutes, up from 40 seconds.
- Guardian’s Assault now deals direct damage instead of a percentage of weapon damage. Lowered the endurance cost.
- Fixed an issue with Guardian’s assault not applying all of the hate it was supposed to.
- Guardian’s assault now progresses differently to provide a more smooth damage and hate progression. New levels are: 14, 22, 30, 38 and 46. Visit your trainer to learn the latest version.
- Holy Strike now progresses differently to provide a more smooth damage progression. New levels are: 1, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48. Visit your trainer to learn the latest version.
- Vanquish now deals much more damage and is usable on opponents who are below 15% life.
- Vanquish now costs 10 endurance.
- Psionicist
- Psionicist chains have changed. All finishing moves should now become available after any spell crits.
- Added a new ability line to Psionicists: “Temporal Fracture”. Check your trainers!
- Significantly reduced the refresh time on all finishers.
- Telekinetic Blast now deals less damage to the caster.
- Concentrations no longer incur global recovery when activated.
- Concentrations now have a 2 second shared refresh timer.
- Ranger
- Entangling Web now states that it is a conjuration spell and not an alteration spell
- Rogue
- Reduced the movement penalty caused by stalking significantly
- The various stalking forms will now display their progressing buff effects
- Added an increased chance to crit to the final stage of stalking.
- Added Shroud of Shadows to trainers at level 50
- Added Elusive Foe as an innate ability earned at level 50
- Added Imperil to trainers at level 50
- Rogue base damage has been slightly decreased.
- Rogues have had a mitigation adjustment moving their mitigation effectiveness closer to other light fighters.
- Shaman
- Shamans can now throw spears/javelins
- All versions of Spirit Strike are now 2 second casts
- Hayatet Totemic abilities that previously cost mana no longer do.
- Changed the endurance cost of Firestorm to 40
- Changed the endurance cost of Phoenix Fury to 10
- Changed the endurance cost of Breath of Immolation to 25
- Changed the endurance cost of Ignite to 17
- Acuity is now trainable at level 18. Levels of other version of Acuity have changed so you may need to commune with Hayatet to gain the latest one.
- Acuity now buffs intelligence.
- A small amount of the regeneration portion of Acuity now stacks with other energy regen buffs.
- Burning Mantle has been moved to level 26. The first version has been changed to Smoldering Mantle and is no longer available on vendors and has remained a level 18 spell. If you have this spell you will keep it. If you have yet to earn Burning Mantle you will need to wait until level 26 to gain it.
- Fire Claw is now available at level 15.
- Changed the endurance cost of Fire Claw to 20.
- All Offensive flavored Totemic Gifts should now cost less mana.
- Shaman chains have changed. All finishing moves should now become available after any spell crits.
- Significantly reduced the refresh time on all finishers.
- Sorcerer
- Sorcerer chains have changed. With the exception of Mimic, all finishing moves should now become available after any spell crits.
- Significantly reduced the refresh time on all finishers.
- Cast time on Invisibility is now 3 seconds, down from 6 and its range has been increased from 5m to 25m.
- Elemental Mantle’s energy cost has been reduced. It has been changed to affect only your defensive target.
- Decreased the energy cost of Arcane Mantle significantly.
- Warrior
- The Defensive Stance tool tip erroneously stated that it increased block chance by 15%. It was actually 5% and not
working correctly. Changed the tooltip and fixed the ability.


- Ammo enhancements should now display their damage type enhancement in the description.
- Crafted ammo and thrown items should now display their damage type properly.
- Half Elves should now have their racial crafting/harvesting bonus.
- Updated crafting gear that has an effect added should now show the effects correctly
- Horseshoes
- Crafted horseshoes are now all no drop.
- Horseshoe recipes will now produce horseshoe packs that cannot be equipped but when right clicked will add the proper horseshoe to the inventory of the clicker. The stats of the horseshoe that will be created should display on the horseshoe pack as well.
- Fixed cloth armor recipes that were allowing invalid types of leather lining to be used.
- The Rindol Field Medal is now more powerful.
- Some crafting items have had helpful information added to the tooltip of the beneficial spell effect icon.
- Varryn Dunes now gives you Kojani faction for work orders completed there.
- A new quest for higher level artificers has been added to the Varryn Dunes outpost.
- Decreased orb and sphere requirements for Artificer bow recipes.
- Adjusted skill requirements for quantity actions.
- Many advanced work order items have had their descriptions and icons updated.
- The Tanvu outfitter tutorial now has you turn in the assembled needle as intended instead of doing the work order over again.
- You can no longer deconstruct Infinium items
- Increased drop rate of pure magic orbs by 20% on deconstruction.
- The quest “Dear Sister” has had its experience reward increased.
- The members of the Imperial Trade Organization are now more talkative about their jobs and the I.T.O. in general.
- Item requirements for the “preview quest” of each crafting organization have been adjusted.
- Crafted items that are made with only an attuning enhancer have had their attributes adjusted. Attribute values should now
be consistent regardless of whether a resonating enhancer was used or not.
- Items crafted with only an attuning enhancer that adds STR, CON or DEX now have a health bonus.
- Items crafted with only an attuning enhancer that adds INT, VIT or WIS now have an energy bonus.
- Some additional modifications to stat allocations are underway to compensate for expensive bonuses not showing up on low
level items.
- Sage’s Agony and its upgrades should not equip correctly on items
- Dust, powder, and shards of devastation have all been removed from deconstruction tables as they were not used before tier
5. The current items have been changed to cash loot
- The quest “The Herbalist’s Equipment” has had its rewards changed.
- Ultra rare tier 2 resources have been removed from tables as they were not supposed to drop in the first place.
- All tier 2 ultra rare resources can be converted into tier 2 rare resources by right clicking them
- If you take the style-learning quest, and don’t yet have the first basic refining recipe, you should be given it so you are able
to finish the quest.
- The quest “Tursh Supplies” for outfitters has had the type of jute cloth requested changed.
- A few of Argus’s work orders were asking for incorrect tools. This has been fixed.
- Novice and Amateur Qalian Martial Staffs have been added to trainers.
- Qalian artificer trainers now offer the amateur shaft recipe.
- Thestran artificer trainers now offer the amateur club recipe.
- High level secondary components for outfitters have been added to some Kojan trainers.
- Eralis should now offer the quest to locate the Qalian amateur artificer trainer.
- “Learning Qalian Style” quest recipe for outfitters now displays the proper amount of required jute.
- “Fresh Cloth” quest is now acceptable at a lower level.
- Focusing items have had their allocation fixed, the previous change set the allocation heavy on the attribute side instead of
setting it heavy on the focus side
- Amateur tier quest crafted item totals have been lowered slightly.
- The item the special recipe Seer’s Amulet produces has been updated.
- Gwartak Clan crafted items now require more resources.
- Gwartak Clan short sword now actually short.
- The power of Gwartak Clan items has been adjusted.
- The quest “Legendary Fiend Hunter's Weapon” has been added.
- Saddlebag and rare saddlebag recipes have now been consolidated and made to work like normal bag recipes work. (Existing
rare saddlebag recipes will be removed from game next patch.)
- Continental Effects should be attached to all items properly now. While the effect should display in the tooltip some tooltips
may not have a description of the effect within. This is a known bug and will be resolved when item effect details are properly viewable in tooltips
- Fixed complications that were using wrong skills
- Hopefully resolved brilliant work CTD issue
- Renamed build complications for injury and bubbling.
- The crafting factions in New Targonor and Ahgram now begin offering membership at an earlier level.
- The rewards for the crafting faction quests have been adjusted.
- Some quest recipes were giving experience for a process completion when they shouldn’t have been. This has been fixed.
- The preview quest for each crafting faction has been changed. Please check your logs if you are on this quest.
- The advanced work order recipes for the Black Diamond Mercenaries have more action points now.
- An issue with the quest “Experimental Equipment” not advancing has been fixed.
- Fixed an error preventing quest progression with the quests “Resource Research” and “Skullduggery.”
- The Custom Experimental Apron was incorrectly set to only blacksmiths. It is now usable by everyone as intended.
- The quests “New Inventions”, “Royal Order”, and “Fresh Victims” now have coin rewards in addition to the item reward for
- The Qalian and Thestran caravel recipes can now be successfully completed.


- Problems with the quest “Increasing Fares” have been resolved.
- Diplomacy clothing has been standardized. Weights should now be more consistent and logical across the board. Bad display
models and attachment points have been fixed and icons have been standardized.
- Tahean’s Vengeance - New 12 presence quest, “Deposing Sage Marin,” available at Tahean's Vengeance.
- The Statements Snippet of Wisdom, Line of Reasoning, Extol Virtues, and Fan the Flames should now display the appropriate
symbol overhead when played.
- Quests - Blood And Seals: The Presence requirements on this quest have been upped to 12, but the skil levels have been
lowered to 50.
- Further text has been added to the quest summary to clear up confusion about the location of the Spectral Scholars in “A
History of the Raki.”
- Measures have been taken to ensure that Mesmerized Takuni no longer follows you when you are finished with “Bring Him
- Diplomacy quests now work similarly to adventuring quests in that there will be red shields above the heads of NPC’s with quests you do not quite qualify for. Quest levels will also now be displayed on the quests.
- Writs have been deactivated in Bordinar’s Cleft while we work on newer, better Writs.
- Stack size for all Information is now 500.
- Hido Kani Dawnstar is now no longer on Lomshir faction, and should no longer flip out like a Rai’jin whenever he sees, er, gnomes.
- Many Diplomacy items have had increased Presence rewards placed on them, especially Chest items.


- The Harvester Pyrite Axe now requires harvesting skill to use.
- Harvestable mobs should now produce resources consistent with the level of the mob.


- Ghostly Burning Essence for the quest “Flames of the Past” now has the correct icon in the inventory
- Mapping the Mine - Fixed a big in the quest line where location 2 would not update
- By Night – Despawn timer on the Large Stalking Wolf has been lowered, so players should be less likely to run into a mob they cannot hit.
- Southwatch
- Missives in Southwatch are no longer shareable.
- “Task for Southwatch: Red Sparrow Bandit Camps” has had its requirement to complete increased.
- “Task for Southwatch: Wild Griffons” has had its requirement to complete increased.
- “Task for Southwatch: Creatures in the Hills” has had its requirement to complete increased.
- “Task for Southwatch: Harry the Undead” has had its requirement to complete increased.
- “Task for Southwatch: Eradicate the Plague Vermin” has had its requirement to complete increased.
- “Task for Southwatch: Timber of the Dead” has had its requirement to complete increased.
- Marsh of Peril
- The weapon upgrades in Marsh of Peril now require 300 motes of ancient power.
- The warrior belt ritual was incorrectly requiring the mid-tier catalyst despite the fact that it should require the lowest tier.
This has been fixed.
- Celestine Ward
- Thorian Glowban will now offer a quest for classes that cannot use the ancient orb of moon and stars, and yet chose it as
their quest reward. This quest will allow you to exchange the orb for a different reward.
- Khegor’s End
- The quest ‘Tome of Stone’ is now able to be completed.
- Coastal Graveyard
- The quest ‘It All Hinges on You’ is now able to be completed. You will have to abandon and retake the quest if it is already
in your journal.
- Wardship of the Sleeping Moon
- Thorian Glowban will now continue to accept runes even after he is willing to give you complex ritual catalysts.
- Thorian Glowban now offers a shield as a reward for completing the quest ‘Ancient Weapons of Leth Vareal.
- Zaraj Arena
- Added several quests to the Zaraj Arena.

- Adventurers, be on the lookout! Additional overland rare/unique NPCs have been added to the Tursh/Rindol, Trengal Keep and Coastal Graveyard area. These creatures vary from two-dot solo to six-dot difficulty.
- The Var Efreet of Afrit now like all races a whole lot less though none are KOS. Orcs, Goblins, Vulmane, Kurashasa, and Dark Elves rejoice as you for once, are liked more than other races.
- Cragwind Ridge
- Nebberzek and Xexxinez now spawn less frequently.
- Jadeon will now start dropping loot again.
- Marsh of Peril
- Faction rewards from killing NPCs in the dungeons Vol Tuniel and Thelaseen have been increased by one point per NPC to further reward players who dungeon delve. NPCs that already granted multiple points of faction have also been increased by one to five points.
- Lost Temple of Vol Tuniel
- Relsom Serile has moved into the Recondite Threshold and will now happily offer his services as a ranged weapon vendor.
- Celestine Ward
- Llyn Serile has moved into the Celestine Ward and will now happily offer her services as a ranged weapon vendor.
- Jathred’s Twist
- The Vault of the Hidden has received an itemization and population pass.
- Azebaj Hive
- Several of the rare / named NPCs will appear more often
- Ceros Isle
- Killing Rhinos should now update the Reckless Rhinos quests correctly.
- Several rare NPCs on the island were missing their loot. This has been corrected.
- Dargun’s Tomb
- Several of the rare / named NCPs will appear more often
- Gauthek Village
- Several of the rare / named NPCs will appear more often.
- Karrus Alljur
- Several of the rare / named NPCs will appear more often.
- Karrus Hakrel - Overland Camps
- Several of the rare / named NPCs will appear more often.
- Ksaravi Gulch
- Several of the rare / named NPCs will appear more often. These NPCs will also appear after a time regardless of player interaction.
- Ksaravi Hollow
- Several of the rare / named NPCs will appear more often
- Lair of the Vi’Rak
- The Vortex to the Lair of the Vi’Rak will now teleport your entire group if they are within range of the vortex.
- The Vi’Rak Neophyte should now drop loot as intended
- Mound of the Zihurr
- Reduced the effort required to spawn the Ant Prince and Ant Queen in the Mound of the Zihurr.
- Redcap Storehouse
- Several of the rare / named NPCs will appear more often.
- Renton Keep
- The Renton Keep Missive, “Task For Renton Keep: A Watchful Eye”, has had its coin reward reduced.
- Trengal Keep
- Several of the rare / named NPCs will appear more often.
- Vol Tuniel
- Rare NPCs in Vol Tuniel will now appear more often, enjoy!
- Solathus the Armor of Vol Tuniel is now somewhat more difficult his loot has also been adjusted accordingly
- Additional Rare NPCs have been added to the dungeon. Some of these new rares will appear when the dungeon has been uninhabited by players for a time period.
- Kaon’s Rush
- Overland population has been slightly decreased.
- Zaraj Arena
- NPCs in the Zaraj Arena are now immune to snare. This should help prevent people from doing encounters that are too difficult for them through kiting, and in turn stopping other players from using their challenge tickets.

- Quests will now be colored in the quest log by their relative difficulty to your level.
- Crafting work orders will now be colored by difficulty in the journal and in the work orders window.
- The parry chance displayed in the tool tip for martial swords is now correct in both cases.
- Added a Diplomacy Container slot to the diplomacy section of the character sheet. Eventually all diplomacy containers will be moved over to this slot.
- Crafters with many recipes will no longer be able to actually build a house in real life while waiting for their recipe list to expand. (Expanding crafting recipes is now much faster.)
- Added a tutorial pop-up that explains the death penalty when you die.
- Group Loot options viewed by non-leaders will now wrap correctly instead of being cut off.
- Right-clicking on toolbelts when crafting will open the toolbelt so you can see what's in it. Left-clicking will change to that toolbelt as before.
- The selected toolbelt is now indicated with the green checkmark when changing crafting toolbelts.
- Percents are now displayed for crafting grade and progress so you don't have to mouse over the status bars to see them.
- The crafting toolbelt selection window will now properly close if you cancel crafting while it is open.
- Mail composer window will now auto fill in the subject with an item name if sending an item and their is no subject currently set.
- Item 'Equipped Effects' are now shown in the item examine window.
- The title window is now larger so long titles will fit correctly.
- Your selected titles will now display correctly when you log in and the display won't be messed up by gaining new titles.
- You will now see an indicator below your player status window when you have an active petition in the queue. You may click on this icon to edit or delete the current petition.
- Added "SGOUI HOTKEYBANK UP" and "DOWN" commands for UI modders to utilize.
- Brokers: Fixed alignment issues with the purchase confirmation window and the purchase amount.
- Fix for some hitches related to being a member of a large guild.
- The work orders window has been expanded to make work order text more easily viewable.
- All of your group members will now appear on the map instead of only the first person to join.
- Group member positions will no longer stop updating on the map after the member dies.
- Changed the group member map indicators to purple so they match group member names.
- Added a new "friend" parameter to /who, e.g. "/who all friend" will return a list of all your online friends without having to open the Social window.
- Percentage-based item mods will now correctly show a % sign after the mod in the item tooltip.


- Fixed a substantial client memory leak. This will greatly minimize any further occurrences.
- Major improvements to NPCs teleporting to you when you are levitated and fleeing or in the water and fleeing have been made. However, continuing to cast on/attack an NPC in the situation where it doesn't think it can path to you will cause it to port to you.
- fixed a problem where sometimes an ability would have an effect that kills you, and in a duel since you don't die, it would end the duel but keep processing other effects that would actually kill you.
- Fixed a bug in which your corpses would disappear from your travel journal after you camped. You should now see all existing corpses in your travel journal, including ones you were unable to see before.
- Fix for a bug where items were sometimes being unequipped after looting a corpse then relogging.
- Fixed a bug that was causing abilities of the same ability line (or of mutually exclusive lines) to not display the same refresh timer.
- Fixes to issues with NPC names having the wrong faction color.


- The Cloak of Vindication is now soulbound.
- All adventuring Martial Staffs now correctly use the “Two-Handed Blunt” weapon overskill
- All adventuring Bladed Staffs now correctly use the “Two-Handed Pierce” weapon overskill
- Starspark Melded Chestguard has had it’s statistics adjusted
- Thousands of Adventuring Armor, Jewelry and Weapons have had their statistics increased/fixed/adjusted. This will result in any item in question being better; in some cases, a few hitpoints or energy were removed to increase DPS or a single attribute but, as stated, the items will ALWAYS be better in those situations.
- All Maces, Clubs, Daggers, Wands/Rods, Greatstaves and Greatmauls have had their appearances updated and retiered with the new models in mind. This change in “tiering” will result in item models changing, some to a “better” model and some to a “not so better” model. The weapon’s appearance and tiering is based upon the level and the rarity of the item. In the future, when higher tier models are patched in, that addition will result in the shuffling of some of the current higher tiered models to lower tiered models, making them available at earlier levels and more common rarities. The remaining weapon types are also currently being retiered and should be updated in the patch(es) to come.
- Shield of Promise has been increased to Heroic and is now Soulbound
- Blessed Chain Vest has been increased to rare from uncommon
- Bounty Hunter’s Cuirass and Greaves has had it’s AC reduced and funneled into other statistics on the items.
- Higher level effects on wands and staves have had their names adjusted, which should clarify their power in relation to the lower level effects.
- Llyn's Drakerune Belt is now bindable instead of soulbound

- Rejoice! The main theme for Leth Nurae will now play when you enter the main part of the city. It has been absent until now.
- The following abilities have received edits ranging from minor to extensive for animations particles and sounds:

Aegis of Blades
Bestowal of Brilliance
Divine Barrier
Divine Light
Endowment of Fervor
Fist of Rebuke
Flames of the Faithful
Gift of Ardor
Maul of Divinity
Maul of the Gods
Replenishing Strike
Spirit Ward
Turn Undead

Blessed Wind
Essence Thief
Fleeting Feet
Gift of Vitae
Gift of Anguish
Impenetrable Mind
Kiss of Heaven
Kiss of the Slug
Kiss or Torment
Leech’s Grasp
Sages Endowment
Sun and Moon Disciple
Touch of the Ox
Touch of Woe

Aphotic Shield
Armor of Darkness
Bleak Foeman
Dark Ward
Devour Mind
Devour Strength
Dreadful Countenance
Dreadful Visage
Hatred Incarnate
Ravaging Darkness
Scythe of Doom
Shadow Meld
Symbol of Despair
Symbol of Suffering
Symbol of Wrath
Terror Incarnate
Vile Howl

Aura of Divine Power
Aura of Radiance
Aura of Replenishment
Aura of Shielding
Blade of Vol Anari
Blessing of Vaelion
Boon of Vol Anari
Champions Might
Cry of Illumination
Cry of Solace
Dictum of Valus
Final Stand
Hammer of Judgment
Hammer of Valus
Judgment of the Bloodthirsty
Judgment of the Envious
Judgment of the Impure
Judgment of the Proud
Judgment of the Wrathful
Lay Hands
Marshalling Cry
Paragon of Justice
Sentinel's Blessing
Shining Beacon
Vothdar's Mighty Strike
Wings of the Avenger

Arrow of the Moon
Arrow of the Sun
Critical Shot
Dawn Arrow
Debilitating Shot
Dusk Arrow
Entangling Web
Hawk Talisman
Panther Talisman
Poison Shot
Precision Style
Shocking Arrow
Speed of the Wind
Splitting Arrow
Stalker's Grace
Stunning Shot
Thorn Cloak
Tiger Talisman
Wind Talisman

Blinding Flash
Blood of Decay
Blow Dart
Dazzling Flechette
Death Whirl
Elusive Mark
Explosive Flechette
Keen Eye
Last Ditch Strike
Rogues Kiss
Snaring Flechette
Water Breathing Scroll
Trick Attack
Fatal Stroke
Vital Strikes
Smoke Trick
Deadly Strike

Battle Frenzy
Grim Determination
Life Rend
Power Attack
Shout of Defiance
Shout of Fury
Stinging Cut

~The Vanguard Team


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lol du glaubst doch wohl nicht, dass man sich das durchliest, oder??? damit hier nicht noch weitere solche schwachsinnigen threads wie dieser kommen, bitte ich um /closed!
oder postet hier jeder im wow forum die neuerungen eines patches? nur weil da viel geschrieben steht, heißt das noch nicht dass viel passiert ist (bsp. wow)! also kopiere hier net einfach blödsinnige patch-news rein, sondern sag lieber was es wirklich gebracht hat!
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